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Approved Used Polestar 2 cars for sale

We’ve got a fantastic selection of used Polestar 2 cars for sale. Every used Polestar 2 comes with the carwow Happiness Guarantee, which means its full history is checked and it has been through a thorough mechanical inspection. All our Polestar 2 cars are available only from manufacturer-approved dealers, are less than five years old and come with a 30-day returns guarantee*

See our range of approved used Polestar 2 cars for sale

2021 Polestar
2 Pilot Plus
  • 4,600 miles
  • {:one=>"1.0 litre", :other=>"%{count} litres", :zero=>"%{count} litres"}
  • Automatic
  • Hybrid/Electric
* In line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015