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Used Kia Picanto pros and cons

+ Big boot for a small car

+ Easy to drive in town

+ Excellent seven-year warranty

- Noisy at high speeds

- Not the most comfortable small car

- Alternatives have roomier back seats

Is a used Kia Picanto a good car?

The third-generation Kia Picanto, which was launched in 2017, is generally considered a good used car. It’s a small city car that is affordable to buy and run, making it popular with first-time buyers, commuters, and urban dwellers.

One of the most positive aspects of the Kia Picanto is its reliability. Kia has a reputation for building cars that are dependable and long-lasting, and the Picanto is no exception. It has a good safety record, with a five-star Euro NCAP rating, and it comes with a seven-year warranty, which is transferable to subsequent owners, giving peace of mind to used car buyers.

It’s also really easy to drive around town and has some decent tech, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so you can mirror your smartphone onto the infotainment screen.

It’s not particularly practical, though. The interior is not very spacious, and tall drivers might struggle to get a comfortable driving position. Those in the back won’t have much legroom either, and while the boot is about average for this type of car, it’s only really big enough for a few bags of shopping.

As well as this, the Kia Picanto's engine can be a bit underpowered, especially on the motorway or when carrying a full load of passengers and luggage. It’s also not the most refined car on the road, with some wind and road noise entering the cabin at higher speeds.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an affordable, reliable, and practical small car, the Kia Picanto is definitely worth considering. Its drawbacks are relatively minor compared to its strengths, and it has a lot to offer for its price point.

What to look for when buying a second hand Kia Picanto

Overall, the third-generation Kia Picanto has been well-regarded for its reliability. However, there are a few issues that have been reported by some owners to be aware of when buying a used one.

One common problem is with the automatic transmission, which some owners have reported to be jerky or hesitant. Even when working as intended it’s not very good, though, so go for the manual unless you have to drive automatic.

Another issue reported by some owners is with the brakes. There are reports that the brakes squeak or vibrate, which may require new brake pads or discs. These do tend to be fairly inexpensive to fix though.

Overall, these issues are relatively minor and not widespread. With proper maintenance and care, the third-generation Kia Picanto should be a reliable and enjoyable car to own.

Kia Picanto FAQs

Yes, the third-generation Kia Picanto is generally considered a reliable car. It has received positive reviews from independent reliability surveys, though it is not class-leading, so be diligent with looking for a well-looked-after car. Additionally, Kia offers a seven-year warranty for its cars, which demonstrates confidence in the quality and reliability of its vehicles.

The third-generation Kia Picanto has five seats – two in the front and three in the back. However, entry-level models have just four seats. Regardless, the Picanto’s narrow body means you won’t be carrying three adults across the back often anyway.

The fuel tank capacity of the Kia Picanto is 35 litres.

The Kia Picanto is designed primarily as a city car and may not be the most comfortable choice for long drives. However, it can still handle long drives reasonably well, just expect a bit of wind noise at higher speeds.

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