Land Rover Range Rover Review

The Range Rover is luxurious, comfy and impressively capable off-road considering its size. However, it can’t carry as many passengers as some alternative SUVs and there are better infotainment systems available.


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What's good

  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Luxurious cabin
  • Great driving position

What's not so good

  • Alternatives are better to drive...
  • ...and have better infotainment systems
  • No option for seven seats

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Overall verdict

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The Range Rover is a little bit like The Queen doing a Tough Mudder: it has a hugely regal image, but is also capable of tackling much more than your usual snowy driveway or slippery field. It’s similar in size to a Mercedes GLS and BMW X7, but the Range Rover beats both for off-road ability.

In fact, the Ranger Rover beats the Mercedes for interior luxury as well – almost everything in the Range Rover comes with soft leather, plush carpet or cold-to-the-touch aluminium finish. Not only that but the different buttons and knobs in the Range Rover feel expensive to the touch and there are many ways to personalise the interior to your taste.

All Range Rovers also get a three-screen infotainment system. You get one screen behind the steering wheel, one screen in the middle of the dashboard and another below it which lets you change the climate control settings, driving modes and seat heating. For ease of use, the Range Rover touch screen is slightly behind a BMW X7’s iDrive with its rotary-dial controller, but you’re unlikely to be put off.

The five-seat Range Rover can’t seat seven like a BMW X7 but the space it does provide for five is extremely generous. There’s more than enough room for your tallest friends to stretch out in the front and back, while you can even get top-spec Autobiography models with two luxurious armchair-like seats instead of a traditional three-seat rear bench.

It’s not just people the Range Rover can carry in comfort – its boot’s absolutely massive, too. There’s space for a few large golf bags with the back seats in place and room for two bikes if you fold them away.

Even if you fill the boot to the brim, the Range Rover’s petrol and diesel engines are powerful enough to pull it quietly along at motorway speeds. There’s a V6 diesel that’s ideal if you do a mix of motorway and city driving, and it’s worth investigating the hybrid version if you rarely venture out of town. If that doesn’t sound particularly exciting you can get a 510hp supercharged petrol V8 model but it’s expensive to buy the amount of fuel it uses means you’ll be a frequent visitor to petrol stations.

The Range Rover towers over other road users and gives you a level of confidence few alternative SUVs can match

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Whichever model you pick, you’ll find the Range Rover hugely relaxing to drive. You can take it a step further by speccing the optional cruise control and lane-keep assist combo that will accelerate, brake and steer your Range Rover in its lane for you – provided you keep your hands on the steering wheel. Standard-fit air suspension softens the blow of large potholes impressively well and helps keep its vast body level in tight corners – though it’s not as poised in high-speed corners as an X7.

Unlike the Porsche, the Range Rover is a serious off-roader, and comes with plenty of features designed to keep you safe if you head off the beaten track. Its clever four-wheel-drive system helps each tyre maximise grip on slippery surfaces and the suspension keeps its bulky body stable over the trickiest of rocky terrain.

Combine these features with the new standard-fit automatic emergency braking system that’ll try to stop the car automatically if it senses an obstacle ahead and the new Range Rover is one of the safest large luxury SUVs on sale. It certainly offers a blend of luxury and off-road ability that few cars can match.

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