Audi Q7 Review

The Audi Q7 is a big, practical SUV that now comes with more high-tech features than ever thanks to a mid-life revamp. Alternatives do have more intuitive infotainment systems, though.


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Overall verdict

The new Audi Q7 takes the old car’s practical seven-seat design and adds a host of visual and technological upgrades to help it keep pace with the likes of the BMW X5 and Mercedes GLE.

You don’t need to be an Audi aficionado to spot what separates the new Q7 from the model it replaces. At the front, there’s a more aggressive grille with vertical slats (pinched from the Q8), while the lowermost edges of the new Q7’s bumpers and doors now come with a contrasting silver finish.

Inside, the changes are even more pronounced. The outgoing Audi Q7’s retractable infotainment display has been ditched in favour of a slick dual-screen touchscreen system that it shares with the Q8. This looks great, but those touchscreen heating controls tend to be trickier to use on the move than conventional knobs and dials – such as the ones you get in a BMW X5.

Audi’s brilliant Virtual Cockpit digital driver’s display is much better and, unlike in the BMW, it comes with a comprehensive range of built-in sat-nav and smartphone mirroring features.

You’d never have called the outgoing Audi Q7 dull, but this new model applies plenty of flashy tweaks inspired by newer Audi models to make it one of the most imposing-looking SUVs around.

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Elsewhere, the new Audi Q7’s cabin is very similar to the outgoing model’s. So, you get plenty of space for five adults in the front two rows and enough room in the very back for two kids to get comfortable. Fold away the rearmost seats and there’s space for plenty of luggage, or, you can flip all but the Audi Q7’s front seats down to turn it into a rather swanky van.

If you’re planning to lug lots of heavy loads around, the Audi Q7’s punchy engines have more than enough power to get the job done. There’s a 3.0-litre petrol V6 alongside a range of diesel engines, and the Audi Q7 now comes with mild-hybrid technology that helps boost fuel economy by around 5mpg across the range.

You also get an automatic gearbox as standard – just the thing to take the stress out of inner-city driving – and four-wheel drive. Although, don’t expect the latter to turn this big, plush SUV into a mud-plugging Range Rover rival.

A sportier SQ7 version will also hit showrooms at a later date. This will come with more power, even more aggressive looks and a clever active anti-roll bar system to make it feel sportier on twisty roads and more comfortable on motorways.

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