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Best MPVs 2021

If practicality and space are your main priorities for a new car, you can’t go wrong with an MPV. They have plenty of room for growing families while also offering impressive flexibility, comfort and – in some cases – they are good to drive too.

Best small MPVs

Small MPVs offer most of the flexibility of their larger counterparts, but in a package that’s generally more manageable for city drivers. Low running costs, lots of practicality and a comfortable, refined driving experience are all aspects you can expect of a good small MPV.

Best large MPV

Large MPVs are popular with families thanks to the versatility afforded by an extra row of seats. The kids will be happy there’s room for their friends, but we’ve made sure the large MPVs on this list will fit adults in the back just as easily.

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More advice about MPVs

Frequently asked questions about MPVs

MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle, which is not particularly helpful because loads of cars have multiple purposes or at least can do many things. Essentially, an MPV is ideal for carrying people – that’s why they are sometimes called people carriers – and so are popular with growing families and cab drivers.

They tend to have a tall, boxy, upright shape, with lots of space and either five or seven seats. Those seven-seat MPVs usually have a middle row of three seats and then a further two seats in a third row. Seats in the third row usually fold into the boot floor, giving you the flexibility of being able to carry lots of luggage or lots of people.

Obviously, the best ones have loads of storage space all around the interior.

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