Mercedes B-Class

Practical premium family car

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 17 reviews
  • Premium interior
  • Decent diesel engines
  • Badge appeal
  • Rough ride
  • Expensive
  • Slightly unrefined

£22,170 - £34,660 Price range


5 Seats


49 - 70 MPG


The Mercedes B-Class is a medium sized MPV that has a luxurious cabin and a spacious interior. Its closest rivals are the Ford C-Max, the Volkswagen Golf SV and the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Prices start from £22,170 and if you buy your new B-Class using carwow you can save £4,000 on average.

The B-Class has a smart interior that takes some design queues from the SLS supercar, although you’ll need some imagination to see them. It is a very premium cabin and small niggles like the low position of the temperature controls are the only cause for complaint. There is ample passenger space for four adults and the boot is decent in size, albeit not the biggest in class.

On the road the B-Class is not particularly bad, but doesn’t shine in any way either – testers expected more from a Mercedes. Although the ride is fine on most surfaces, really bad ones can make the car bounce around. Wind noise is quite audible in the cabin at speeds, but that is to be expected from the boxy shape of the car.

Experts say the B180 diesel is the best engine for the B-Class because it’s very cheap on fuel, but some might find it a bit slow. The B220 diesel is much faster and almost equally frugal so we’d go for it if performance is up on your list. The automatic gearbox makes for an easier driving experience and you can specify the B-Class with four-wheel-drive for added winter grip.

Although, the B-Class is quite expensive you get a decent amount of equipment for you money. The base SE model gets automatic city braking, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, air-conditioning and a reversing camera as standard.

Read our Mercedes B-Class colour guide too to see which shade of paint is right for you and if you aren’t sure if it offers enough interior space, have a look at our Mercedes B-Class dimensions guide.

Cheapest to buy: B 180 SE petrol

Cheapest to run: B 250 e electric

Fastest model: B 220 d Sport diesel

Most popular: B 180 SE diesel

There’s no getting away from the fact that the inside of the latest B-Class is a nice place to be, but then it also costs quite a lot more than mainstream rivals.

Pay the premium, though, and you’ll be rewarded with expensive-looking trims and a dashboard features that mirror more expensive models from further up the Mercedes range. Items such as a standalone infotainment screen (that could have been taken straight from the C-Class saloon) and circular air vents that look similar to those found in the AMG GT supercar.

Mercedes B-Class interior space

There is plenty of space for two rear passengers, though the middle seat doesn’t have much leg space at all, which is a point a lot of reviews pick up on. The Mercedes’ tall roofline gives it more headroom than a conventional hatchback.

Mercedes B-Class boot space

A 486-litre boot means the Mercedes B-Class has a bigger load bay than the 380-litre boot that you get in the Volkswagen Golf, but smaller than you get in the capacious Golf SV.

If you’re after a hatchback that’s fun to drive then don’t buy a B-Class and that includes models in sporty AMG trim. Quite simply the experts say there’s little driving enjoyment to be had.

Even if you don’t care about how a car handles you’ll be disappointed to hear that critics also complain about the uncomfortable, jarring ride and noisy cabin at cruising speeds. Visibility from the driver’s seat also comes in for criticism as it’s quite restricted when reversing.

These issues may sound more than a little off-putting, but this isn’t a two-seater roadster so an edge-of-your-seat driving experience shouldn’t be expected.

There are currently two petrol engines, two diesels and an all-electric model to choose from, all of which get decent reviews.

There is also a choice between a six-speed manual gearbox and a seven-speed automatic. The automatic is recommended for urban driving thanks to its smooth operation.

Mercedes B-class petrol engines

The petrol B180 is the entry-level engine. It doesn’t lack too much in power – getting from 0-62mph in 9.3 seconds, while the B200 is more than a second quicker. Both models can return fuel economy of more than 50mpg.

Mercedes B-Class diesel engines

The B220d is the most powerful diesel, though most experts say that the B180d is the engine to go for. In ECO trim it can return 78.5mpg and annual road tax is free, but some may find it a little slow, with 0-62mph taking 11.6 seconds.

The B220d solves that problem; sprinting from 0-62mph in a far sprightlier 8.3 seconds and not running out of puff until it reaches its 139mph top speed. That’s a decent performance hike, when you consider the 2.2-litre model can still achieve fuel economy of 67.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 111g/km for road tax of £30 a year.

Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive

The electric engine in the hybrid B-Class is sourced from Tesla and according to reviewers transforms the car. Thanks to the constant supply of torque from the engine, the silent driving and impressive performance from a standstill put the Electric Drive in a class of its own.

There are three modes of operation – Eco Pro, Eco and Sport. The Eco Pro limits the maximum power of the engine and increases the range, while Sport mode uses all the available power to make overtaking as effortless as possible.

We aggregate and summarise the best Mercedes B180 reviews from the most helpful publications.

Currently there's only two reviews for the B180, and they're fairly positive. They say that it's a nice engine which is smooth, sounds sporty, and responsive. The message is that this entry level engine in the new B-Class is well worth considering.

Running costs won't be too bad, with 47.9 mpg and tax of £115 a year. Just make sure that you wouldn't prefer the diesel, it gets around 13mpg more, so if you cover many miles a year then it may make more financial sense.

We aggregate and summarise the best Mercedes B180 CDI reviews from the most helpful publications.

The B180 CDI is the most efficient engine in the new B-Class and the reviews are pretty good. The experts reckon that despite being an economical engines that doesn't suffer in terms of performance. It's fast enough to not feel slow.

There is one complaint about noise though, saying the engine is noisy as start-up and when accelerating. The other reviews don't mention that as a problem though.

Running costs will be fairly low, thanks to 60.1 - 64.2 mpg and tax of just £30 - £95 a year (depending on model and gearbox).

All in all the general view from the experts is that if you want a new B-Class then this B180 CDI is the best choice.

We aggregate and summarise the best Mercedes B200 reviews from the most helpful publications.

The reviews for this petrol B200 reviews are slightly mixed, on the one hand the experts say it's an impressive engine, but they also say it just doesn't make financial sense.

The reviews say it's a smooth and powerful engine with lots of overtaking grunt. This petrol engine is also lighter than the diesels, so one review says the car rides better and handles better as a result.

The problem is that the diesel engines are a more sensible choice. The more powerful B200 CDI gets 15mpg more and will cost slightly less in road tax.

We aggregate and summarise the best Mercedes B200 CDI reviews from the most helpful publications.

The new B-Class B200 CDI reviews say it's a strong, refined and smooth engine. It's got enough grunt for overtaking and will be effortless at motorway speeds. The reviews also says that it feels faster than its official 9.5 seconds to 60mph figure.

Fuel economy is between 60.1 mpg and 64.2 mpg, depending on which spec you go for and if you choose the manual or automatic gearbox. Car tax also varies from £30 to £95 a year.

Do note though that some of the general, non-engine specific, reviews say that the difference in power between this B200 CDI and the lesser B180 CDI is pretty minimal.

These are general, non-engine specific reviews for the new B-Class. Rather than review just one type, or engine, they take a look at the car as a whole.

If you are going to be spending premium money you would expect premium levels of safety, and the B-Class doesn’t let itself down in this area at all.

This type of car is going to be used primarily for ferrying the family around so safety is likely to be an important factor for anyone considering buying one, and a Euro NCAP five-star rating tells you pretty much all you need to know.

There’s no getting around the fact that the B-Class is expensive meaning the standard level of kit is reasonable, but not overly generous for the price.

Mercedes B-Class SE

Despite having a profile that resembles that of a small van, Mercedes has done an admirable job of making the B-Class look verging on the desirable thanks to standard 16-inch alloy wheels, a fancy grille and a liberal sprinkling of exterior chrome work. Inside, there’s a leather-resembling interior, air conditioning and a large eight-inch tablet display that beams back images from the car’s reversing camera.

Mercedes B-Class Sport

Sport models do what they say on the tin making the B-Class look sportier thanks to a range of exterior additions including larger 17-inch alloy wheels and twin sports exhausts, while inside there’s cool-looking ambient lighting.

Mercedes B-class AMG Line

But the sportiest looks of all are reserved for AMG Line models, which get 18-inch alloy wheels, an AMG body kit, lowered suspension and a Sports Direct-Steering system. It has variable ratios for quicker responses in fast corners and less turns lock to lock at low speeds. Changes to the interior make it sharper looking, too. It gets contrasting stitching for Mercedes’ Artico (artificial) leather and a sports steering wheel, along with other less noteworthy additions.


With its upmarket exterior styling and posh interior you can see why someone looking for a premium car with a decent amount of space could be persuaded into buying the B-Class. In fact, its exclusive badge makes it more or less unique in the class.

Truth is, though, if you can live with a less sought after badge, a model such as the Ford C-MAX does almost everything just as well as and, bar the premium feel, most things quite a lot better. That could prove to be a bitter pill that’s hard to swallow for the family car owners who’re likely to buy the Mercedes.

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