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Used Volkswagen Polo pros and cons

+ Slick cabin feels pretty upmarket

+ Very low insurance

+ Good-sized boot

- Not that fun behind the wheel

- Entry-level petrol engine is very slow

- Desirable features were optional when new

Is a used Volkswagen Polo a good car?

The Volkswagen Polo does a great job of feeling like the biggest small car you can buy. Like the idea of a Volkswagen Golf but prefer something more compact? This is the car for you.

Its interior is surprisingly spacious for a city car, and it looks like it could come from the class – and price bracket – above. While the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa feel like fun cars ideal for young drivers, the Polo has a sense of being a bit more grown up.

When it went on sale in 2017, the latest model brought sharp lines in the bodywork that gave it a more modern appearance than before. This has stood the test of time and even early models look fresh today.

Inside, few alternatives can rival the Polo for practicality – at 351 litres it’s only 30 litres down on the Golf. An adjustable boot floor that could provide a flat load area with the rear seats down was an optional extra, so look out for this if that sounds appealing.

Aside from being practical, it feels pretty premium inside too. The design is fairly understated and can be quite dull in all-black, but part of its appeal is in its grown up subtlety. When new it could be specced with splashes of colour, though, so these might be attractive used buys to look out for.

Out on the road the Polo is at its best being driven with a leisurely attitude. It’s comfortable around town and is one of the better long distance city cars you can buy. As a result, it’s not the most fun in corners – you’ll want a Fiesta for that.

The 65hp and 75hp models are not particularly refined, which is at odds with the rest of the car. They also lack punch, so we’d suggest opting for the 95hp or 115hp versions, which have a choice of automatic and manual gearboxes.

What to look for when buying a second hand Volkswagen Polo

As they’re designed for city use, Polos could be more susceptible to the wear and tear of urban life, such as minor bodywork dings and kerbed alloy wheels. With the latter, be sure to check there’s no tyre damage. This would cost you to replace and, at worst, could cause a blowout.

The Polo hasn’t scored particularly highly in ownership surveys because of some reliability issues. Some of the most common problems come from the electrics, so spend time checking everything works as it should.

Entry-level S trims only have smartphone connectivity if the original buyer ticked the App Connect optional extra, so make sure the car you’re looking at has this if you want to take calls or listen to music in the car.

Volkswagen Polo FAQs

While it’s not so bad as to need avoiding at all costs, the Polo’s reliability reputation isn’t great. Electrics tend to be the most common issue to look out for.

The Volkswagen Polo is 4,074mm long, 1,751mm wide and 1,461mm high.

BlueMotion simply means the car has various fuel saving and emissions-reducing features, such as start/stop technology, brake energy recuperation and aerodynamic styling tweaks to reduce drag.

The Volkswagen Polo is very cheap to insure. Some models, such as the S trim with the 65hp petrol engine, are in the lowest possible car insurance group, 1. Most other models are between 8 and 12, but this still means they will be pretty cheap to insure.

The Volkswagen Golf is a slightly bigger car, meaning it’s a bit more spacious and practical. It also costs a bit more and will generally have slightly better equipment levels and more powerful engines than an equivalent Polo.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI is the highest-performance version of the Polo, with a 2.0-litre petrol engine making 200hp.

The Volkswagen Polo makes an excellent first car, particularly because of its low insurance costs, but also because it’s pretty cheap to run and small, making it less intimidating to drive.

The Volkswagen Polo is not an ideal towing car because of its small size and low-powered engines. It has a towing capacity of 1,000kg to 1,100kg.

Yes, all Polo models will have ISOFIX in the rear outer seats.

The Volkswagen Polo is only available with front-wheel drive.

The Volkswagen Polo generally makes for a good used buy. It’s very practical for its size and comfortable, too, with an upmarket interior. It’s not the most fun to drive, though.

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