The top 10 best cars for dogs and dog owners

Nearly a quarter of UK households own a dog so, when it comes to choosing a new car, it pays for pet owners to consider their four-legged friend. Some car manufacturers offer a range of pet-friendly accessories as well as features that’ll help keep your dog happy. We’ve rounded up our 10 favourite cars for dogs and dog owners.

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1. Skoda Superb Estate

The Skoda Superb Estate is a great all-rounder that offers something for everyone – even our four-legged friends. The high quality interior and heaps of standard equipment are enough to keep most people happy, and there’s a wide range of diesel and petrol engines to choose from – some even have four-wheel drive for all-weather ability.

In terms of dog-friendly features, the enormous boot is a bonus for starters, but Skoda also offers a dog safety range. This includes a doggy seatbelt adapter, a backseat hammock, dog guard, luggage compartment divider and a protective liner for the boot. These features are available on most Skoda models, but the Superb Estate’s large rear space and low boot floor make it our top pick for dog lovers.

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2. VW Tiguan

The VW Tiguan’s chunky styling and a upmarket cabin set it apart from more mainstream rivals. It can get a bit pricey if you raid the options list or opt for the attractive R-Line range topping model, but there are some handy options to chose from if you’re a dog owner…

Most important is the pet package, including a partition grille between the cabin and boot, a liner for the load area and a protective film over the rear bumper to prevent it getting scratched. Volkswagen also offers something called ‘App-Connect Cam-Connect’ that links the car’s infotainment screen with a GoPro camera, taking and transmitting pictures of rear seat occupants or pooches in the boot.

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3. Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback promises excellent reliability and proven off-road ability. Many UK models will come with a 2.0-litre diesel engine returning reasonable fuel economy mated to the firm’s signature all-wheel-drive system.

Many dog owners love the Outback thanks to a boot that’s well shaped and large enough for two big dogs to travel in comfort. Despite the Outback’s off-road abilities, the ride height is still low enough for medium to large dogs to hop in without too much difficulty. Tinted windows are also standard in many models, keeping pets cool on hot summer road trips.

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4. Volvo V90

Although the Volvo V90’s boot space isn’t the largest in-class, there’s still more than enough space for your pooch to spread out. Owners might want to avoid the beige carpeting of some models, however.

Volvo offers a handy dog guard for the V90, meaning your pet can’t jump into the cabin while in the car, or out again when you open the boot. This also helps divide the boot and stops your luggage from falling on the dog. A dog harness is another handy option along with a Volvo-branded load liner that fits perfectly around the dog guard.

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5. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover’s vehicles tend to go hand-in-hand with images of wellington boots and muddy dogs, and the Discovery Sport is arguably the best in its lineup. Its excellent off-road abilities combine with a stylish exterior design and a desirable badge to make the Discovery Sport a massive success with buyers, and dog owners will find plenty to love, too.

The Sport may lack the air suspension of its larger Discovery sibling, but the lower ride height means access for pets isn’t as tricky as you might expect. Land Rover also offers a range of accessories for four-legged friends, including partitions to separate dogs from luggage and passengers, and a range of boot liners to stop the carpet from getting too dirty.

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6. Dacia Logan MCV

If you’re a dog owner on a budget, you can’t go far wrong with the Dacia Logan MCV. The Dacia is one of the cheapest cars on sale in the UK, yet has a boot that’s larger than posh SUVs many times the price. The load area is a good shape, with a flat load lip and a low height of entry, making it perfect for smaller or older dogs to get into.

There aren’t any options specific to dogs, but the Logan MCV is so cheap you won’t mind getting it a little grubby if it comes to it. The plastics both in the cabin and the boot are easy to wipe down and, in reality, you’ll probably use some tarpaulin or blanket in the boot rather than paying several hundred pounds for a branded accessory.

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7. Range Rover

The Range Rover may be an incredibly expensive and luxurious machine, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a bit rough and ready when the need arises. The car’s off-road prowess makes it popular with outdoor types and features such as the adjustable air suspension come in handy for loading pets as well as traversing fjords.

The Range Rover’s famed split-tailgate aids access for four-legged companions and, once they’re inside, you can also specify a host of goodies such as a partition guard and rubber floor lining. Of course none of this comes cheap but you have to pay the price to get this level of quality.

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8. Peugeot 308 SW

The Peugeot 308 SW is a hatchback-based estate car that’s surprisingly spacious despite reasonably compact dimensions. In terms of outright space, the Peugeot has a larger boot than even the V90 and owners will also appreciate the impressive fuel economy and high quality cabin. The 308 SW also has more room for passengers too, thanks to a longer wheelbase than its hatchback counterpart.

There aren’t loads of dog friendly options like some other cars on this list, but Peugeot still offers an optional moulded plastic boot floor to keep away the worst of the muck and grime. Your pets will also appreciate the easy access that a lower estate car such as this offers – the boot floor is at perfect jumping-in height.

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9. Skoda Fabia Estate

The Skoda Fabia Estate is perfect for those who want the fancy features of the Superb Estate, but don’t need such a large car. All the same excellent dog-friendly accessories are available, so there’s a seatbelt adaptor, hammock, and various boot dividers and liners to choose from.

In addition, the Fabia Estate represents great value for money – it’s the same price as many rivalling superminis but offers a high-quality cabin and acres of space that’d put some competitors to shame. Add in low running costs and reasonable equipment levels, and you have a great compact yet practical car for dog lovers.

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10. Honda Civic Tourer

Honda’s Civic Tourer is yet another estate car that will surprise many prospective dog owners. For such a stylish and sporty looking machine, it has a huge boot and, as an added bonus, there’s also underfloor storage large enough to keep a couple of shopping bags if you need to separate your dog and your dinner.

You can also get a dog guard and boot lip protector – both of which are refreshingly inexpensive when you compare to the options of some cars on our list. Then there’s Honda’s legendary reliability to think about – it’s unlikely to leave you and your pet stranded on the side of the motorway.

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