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The Skoda Superb Estate has a massive boot and a lovely cabin design, but there are some cheap materials to be found inside

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Is the Skoda Superb Estate a good car?

The Skoda Superb Estate is a large family car that’s here to prove you don’t need to buy an SUV if you want tonnes of space. It has a spacious cabin, massive boot and a lovely interior.

It’s a bit like buying the biggest house on a new build estate – it might not be as posh as a proper mansion, but it looks smart and has more space than you’ll probably ever need.

Certainly more space than any of the other similarly priced estate cars you might consider, such as the Peugeot 508 SW, Audi A4 Avant, and BMW 3 Series Touring. The most obvious alternative is the Volkswagen Passat, though – it’s mechanically identical and its boot is the same size.

So just how big is that boot? It’s 690 litres, which is considerably more than everything but the Volkswagen and means that if your goal is to get maximum luggage space at the lowest price then the Superb should be top of your shopping list. If you don't need an estate, there's also the Superb hatchback, which still has a massive boot but costs a little bit less.

The Skoda Superb Estate’s cavernous boot makes it the go-to choice if practicality is your key shopping criteria

And just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice much in the way of interior style and quality, because the Superb Estate has a lovely interior that’s light, airy and feels really well put together.

You get a big infotainment display on the dashboard with a sharp display and it’s quick to respond to your touch. There are configurable dials that make certain features easier to change on the move, and there’s loads of storage dotted about the cabin. The rear seats are spacious, but put a third person in the middle and the cushion is uncomfortable and their feet have to straddle a big hump in the floor.

The engine line-up is simple, with a petrol, two diesels and a company car tax-friendly plug-in hybrid on the way. The more powerful diesel is all-wheel drive, which could be useful if you live in a remote area.

We’ll update this review with driving impressions once we’ve driven it, but for now, why not see how much you could save with Carwow’s Skoda Superb Estate deals. You can also browse used Superb Estates as well as other used Skodas. When the time comes you can sell your current car through Carwow, too.

How much is the Skoda Superb Estate?

The Skoda Superb Estate has a RRP range of £36,175 to £47,040. However, with Carwow you can save on average £1,574. Prices start at £34,763 if paying cash.

Our most popular versions of the Skoda Superb Estate are:

Model version Carwow price from
1.5 TSI e-TEC SE Technology 5dr DSG £34,763 Compare offers

Skoda Superb prices start around £36,000 for the SE Technology trim with the petrol engine and about £500 more for the entry-level diesel. You’ll pay about £3,000 more to step up to the mid-spec SE L model, then it’s another £5,000-plus to top-spec Laurin & Klement versions, though these are only available with the high-powered diesel.

That all means the Superb Estate compares favourably with alternatives. Pricing is almost identical to the Peugeot 508 SW and a bit cheaper than the Volkswagen Passat, while the BMW 3 Series Touring and Audi A4 Avant both start at over £40,000. If you’re looking for a quirky alternative, the Citroen C5 X is a sort of estate-SUV hybrid that starts at just £30,000.

Space and practicality

Loads of space in the cabin and the boot, but the third passenger in the rear won’t be very comfortable

The Skoda Superb Estate is a big car and as a result there’s loads of space for front seat passengers. The driving position is really good with lots of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel so you can get comfy.

Storage is useful with a deep (but narrow) area under the armrest, long door bins and a large covered area for your phone that doubles as a wireless charging pad. This area is cooled to help stop your phone overheating and has two USB-C slots. The cupholders have rubber grips that hold your bottle in place so you can unscrew the lid with one hand, which is a clever touch.

Space in the back seats

It’s a similar story in the back – even the tallest of passengers should find kneeroom plentiful and won’t be brushing their head on the roof. Shoulder room allows for three quite comfortably, but the person in the middle will be perched a bit higher than those on the outside and there’s an annoying hump in the floor to place their feet beside.

One particularly cool feature is the ‘sleep mode’, which involves folding down two arms from the headrest. These allow those in the back to doze without worrying about being jolted awake, because their head is held neatly in place.

Storage is fine – you might expect the door bins to be a bit bigger, but dropping the centre armrest reveals two cupholders with a fold-up phone holder to watch videos on the go. There are two more USB-C slots for those in the back.

Fitting a child seat shouldn’t be a problem, because the ISOFIX mounting points are easy to get to, the doors open wide and there’s loads of space to the seat in front.

Boot space

At 690 litres the Skoda Superb’s boot is bigger than most of the other estate cars you might have been considering, the exception being the Volkswagen Passat and its identical capacity. Aside from this, the Citroen C5 X is closest at 545 litres, followed by the Peugeot 508 SW’s 530-litre capacity. The Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series Touring are some way behind on 505 litres and 500 litres respectively.

Accessing the Superb’s cavernous boot is easy because the bumper is quite low and there’s a big, square space so it’s no trouble to make use of the space on offer. There’s also quite a bit of underfloor storage, with space to fit the parcel shelf.

You can fold the rear seats down using a handle in the boot to reveal 1,920 litres of space. Do this, and the seats don’t sit totally flat, but at least the transition is smooth so you can push heavy items through without them getting caught.

Interior style, infotainment and accessories

Clean, functional interior design feels posher than the price tag suggests, but cheaper materials can be found

Affordability is key to the Skoda Superb experience, but you wouldn’t immediately know it when you sit inside. There’s a multi-layered dashboard design that’s not too fussy but isn’t bland either. You get textured upholstery across the middle section, and above this vertical slats run the width of the car. There are a few hints of cheaper materials lower in the cabin if you go looking for them, but overall the Superb feels suitably upmarket for the price.

The 13.0-inch infotainment display sits proud of the dashboard, and while it’s not exactly neatly integrated, the screen has sharp graphics and responds quickly to your touch. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard-fit, as is the 10.25-inch digital instrument display.

Beneath the infotainment is a bank of three ‘smart dials’. This neat system lets you change various settings such as the climate controls, seat heating, driving modes and more without having to navigate distracting touchscreen menus. Pressing the centre dial changes its function, so just the three dials can change a multitude of settings.

MPG, emissions and tax

At launch there are three engine options. The range opens with a 1.5-litre petrol engine and a 2.0-litre diesel, both making 150hp. The diesel is a bit more economical, with official fuel economy of up to 57.9mpg, compared with 54.1mpg for the petrol.

A more powerful diesel is available on the SE L and Laurin & Klement trims. It makes 193hp and has all-wheel drive, but as a result fuel economy is worse than the other engines at 48.3mpg. Its higher CO2 emissions mean it’s the most expensive of the trio for first-year Vehicle Excise Duty, too, with the 150hp engines falling into lower bands.

Company car buyers will be better off waiting for the plug-in hybrid engine to arrive, because it will have a low Benefit-in-Kind rate. This engine will have 265hp and will offer excellent fuel economy if you can charge the batteries regularly, thanks to its excellent electric-only range of 62 miles.

Safety and security

The latest Skoda Superb has not yet gone through safety testing by Euro NCAP, but it’s likely to score highly. All three of the company’s cars that have been tested since 2021 have been given the full five stars, and the old Superb also had top marks, though the test has become tougher since then.

Standard assistance kit includes adaptive cruise control, which maintains your distance to the car in front and can stop and start the car in slow-moving traffic, as well as front and rear parking sensors with a reversing camera. Top-spec Laurin & Klement models have a feature that will park the car for you.

Reliability and problems

Being a new model, it’s unclear how reliable the Skoda Superb will be. However, Skoda has an excellent reputation for reliability, and uses many tried and tested parts that are shared across other Volkswagen Group models.

You get a three-year warranty, which is unlimited mileage for the first two years and capped at 60,000 miles for the third year. That’s about as basic as it gets – Hyundai offers five years with unlimited mileage, while Toyota owners get up to 10 years/100,000 miles with annual servicing. You can extend the Skoda warranty up to five years/100,000 miles for a fee.

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