10 best cars with three full rear seats

January 17, 2024 by

Many cars are fairly flexible with their seating setups. Some of them have split-folding seat backs, allowing you to load longer items while still having one or two seats in place for passengers, and others let you slide the seats backwards and forwards to improve boot space or legroom.

For the ultimate in rear-seat versatility, however, you’ll want to consider a car with three separate seats. Because the seats aren’t connected to each other, they can be reclined and adjusted to suit whoever’s sitting in them. Plus, having separate seats means your passengers get a bit more shoulder, elbow and hip room to play with, which helps make them more comfortable than traditional benches on long car journeys.

Our pick of the top 10 cars with three full seats in the back are:

  1. Audi Q7
  2. Citroen C5 Aircross
  3. Peugeot 5008
  4. Volvo XC90
  5. Citroen e-Berlingo
  6. Volkswagen Multivan
  7. Mercedes EQV
  8. Volkswagen Touran
  9. Ford S-Max
  10. Tesla Model X

1) Audi Q7

If you’re after a posh SUV with a plush interior, smart styling and plenty of space for the family, the Audi Q7 is well worth considering. The flat, wide rear seats also mean that you can easily fit three adults across the middle row, and there’s even enough space for taller people in the very back.

It may be a pricey way to ferry the family around, and a BMW X7 has a better infotainment system. The Q7 is a really comfortable thing though, and there’s plenty of kit available as standard.

2) Citroen C5 Aircross

If value for money is a high priority for you, then the Citroen C5 Aircross could be right down your street. The combination of space, equipment, comfort and value are just some of the reasons this car won the Carwow Car of the Year Award for Family Values.

The cabin isn’t the most posh-feeling, and the infotainment system is a bit fiddly as well. The low starting price is enough to help you look past this though, and the separate rear seats make it easy to carry three in the back.

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3) Peugeot 5008

Fancy a practical family car with plenty of style? Check out the Peugeot 5008. This chic SUV not only looks great, it has an interior which could rival much more expensive cars, and it’s really well-equipped as well.

Peugeot’s unique driving position may not work for everyone, and the boot is pretty small with all seven seats in place, but the trade off for this is plenty of space in all of the chairs.

4) Volvo XC90

Volvo has always been known for two things: safety and practicality. The XC90 not only offers these two things, it’s also properly stylish. This generation of XC90 may be a few years old now, but it’s still looking fresh and modern.

It offers just as much Scandinavian style on the inside, although the infotainment system is starting to feel a little dated. Still, at least the rear seats are really spacious, and the boot is a decent size as well.

5) Citroen e-Berlingo

Those looking for the ultimate in function over form may be drawn to the Citroen e-Berlingo. It may look like a van, despite Citroen’s best efforts, but inside you’ll find a cavernous cabin with loads of storage space, as well as a huge boot.

It doesn’t have the best electric range, and the cabin does feel a bit cheap in places, but very few cars offer this much space for the money, and it’s a doddle to drive as well.

6) Volkswagen Multivan

The Volkswagen Multivan is one of the most versatile family cars you can buy. It may look like a van, albeit a pretty stylish one, but this allows for a hugely practical cabin. The Multivan actually has five separate seats in the back, all of which can be moved around, rotated, folded or removed completely depending on how you want to use the space.

It’s a pretty pricey way to ferry the family around, but the plug-in hybrid engine does cut fuel bills. Some may also be willing to pay the price for a car which can be so easily transformed from a people carrier to a cargo van.

7) Mercedes EQV

Continuing with the van-based MPV theme, how about the all-electric Mercedes EQV? You get four separate armchairs in the back, allowing for ultimate comfort for your rear passengers, and it’s easy to drive as well.

It doesn’t offer great range though, and it is very expensive for an MPV. That said, it is very comfortable over long distances, and it feels very spacious.

8) Volkswagen Touran

If you look back a decade, the market was awash with MPVs like the Vauxhall Zafira and Ford Focus C-Max. The MPV is a dying breed these days, with just the Volkswagen Touran clinging on.

It may not be the most exciting thing to look at, and the interior looks a bit dated now, but the Touran offers great interior space in a relatively small package. There’s also a great range of engines, and it’s easy to drive as well.

9) Ford S-Max

If you fancy digging around on the used market, you can pick up a nearly-new Ford S-Max for a good price these days. The S-Max is the more sporty cousin of the Galaxy people carrier, and it has a lot going for it.

In addition to the excellent practicality, this MPV is comfortable, reasonably fun to drive and it offers decent standard equipment. The infotainment system may not be the best, but this is a small price to pay when you consider what you get for your money.

10) Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is the ultimate electric family car for those who like to show off. The fancy falcon wing doors are sure to attract a crowd, especially when you get them to do their dance.

The fact that the Model X is only available new in left-hand drive may put some people off, although you can get a right-hand drive model if you go second hand. It also offers mind boggling performance, and spaceship levels of tech.

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