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The best Land Rover and Range Rover alternatives

Land Rover is on a roll – its models are selling like hot-cakes and the company can’t seem to put a foot wrong with critics. Buyers love the brand’s blend of off-roading ability, premium image and comfortable on-road dynamics.

What if you’re not sure Land Rover’s image is for you, though? We’ve come up with a list of alternatives for each of the brand’s models to give you a better idea of what rivals to look at when choosing your next car.

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Land Rover Discovery alternatives

Toyota Land Cruiser

If you value off-road ability above all else, the Toyota Land Cruiser might be for you. In some parts of the world, it’ll be ranked as tougher even than the Discovery and its reputation for reliability means it probably won’t let you down in a muddy field. It isn’t as refined, but it’s cheaper and still seats seven.

Take a look at our Toyota Land Cruiser configurator to see how much you could save.

Volkswagen Touareg

Despite sharing a platform with road-biased siblings, Volkswagen’s Touareg is still a force to be reckoned with off-road. Despite its ability, it still provides comfortable, safe and practical family transport. Its looks are subtle and the interior is trimmed to Volkswagen’s usual high standard.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee

The latest Jeep Grand Cherokee is a strong alternative to more mainstream rivals. It has handsome looks and a surprisingly high-tech interior but it’s the off-road abilities that really shine. It probably can’t match the Discovery for on-road prowess but optional air suspension means it stays very comfortable.

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Land Rover Discovery Sport alternatives

Kia Sorento

The Kia Sorento is handsome, spacious and good to drive. The Korean marque’s refined the SUV into a potential class leader and, while prices have risen a bit, all models are well specced and have Kia’s seven-year warranty.

Check out the deals available with our Kia Sorento configurator.

Nissan X-Trail

Based on the top-selling Qashqai, the Nissan X-Trail is a handsome beast that’s both cheap to run and buy. Seven seats are optional, but all cars come well-equipped and have tonnes of handy features to help with everyday family life.

Explore our Nissan X-Trail configurator to get great savings.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Based on the same platform as the Kia, Hyundai’s Santa Fe shares many of its strengths but has a more aggressive appearance and slightly sportier driving experience. It’s good value too, and the rear-most seats are nearly as large as those in the Discovery.

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Range Rover alternatives

Mercedes GLS

The recently revealed GLS is a heavy facelift of the previous Mercedes GL. It’s a massive vehicle with plenty of room for seven passengers, surprisingly agile handling and equally surprising running costs – lower than you might expect for a car like this! Prices have risen a little, but it’s still cheaper than the Range Rover.

Take a look at the outgoing Mercedes GL in our configurator to see what massive savings can be had on the last examples.

Audi Q7

The new Audi Q7 swaps some off-road ability for a healthy dose of on-road refinement and a high-tech interior that shames the Range Rover’s dated infotainment system. With MMI and Virtual Cockpit, you won’t be wanting for equipment and, although options are expensive, the Q7 is actually reasonable value.

Have a look at our Audi Q7 configurator to see how much carwow could help you save.

Volvo XC90

With seven spacious seats, a minimalist interior and low running costs, the Volvo XC90 seriously rivals the Range Rover as a classy option at the school gates. The XC90 isn’t as powerful but compensates with the option of a high-tech plug-in hybrid, that can achieve over 150mpg.

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Range Rover Sport alternatives

Porsche Cayenne

Superb handling, a luxurious interior and ample room for five mean the Porsche Cayenne has long been a strong contender against the Range Rover Sport. It shares a similarly powerful engine range but, at the top-end, performance versions are marginally more bonkers and expensive than even the Range Rover Sport SVR.

Mercedes GLE

The Mercedes GLE is a heavily facelifted ML that offers a serene driving experience and lower running costs than the Range Rover Sport. Like the Cayenne, it only seats five but the boot is large and standard specification is high. There’s also a coupe version if you want to stand out even more, or a GLE63 AMG if you have money to burn.

Make your perfect Mercedes GLE with our configurator and see the savings you can make.


One of the original sporting SUVs, the BMW X5 has matured into an exceptional all-rounder that offers a premium ownership experience. Seven seats are optional and it even gets a split-tailgate – a feature the Sport lacks. Add in relatively low running costs and you have a great alternative.

See the savings on our BMW X5 deals page.

Range Rover Evoque alternatives

Audi Q3

A typically subtle Audi exterior hides the Q3’s amazing abilities as a practical and classy compact crossover. With a beautifully constructed cabin, room for five and their luggage, Audi’s smallest current crossover is a surprisingly good value alternative to the Evoque and comes with a great range of engines.

Use our Audi Q3 configurator to see just how much you can save.

Mercedes GLC

Mercedes’ GLC is a great crossover that’s noticeably more practical than the baby Range Rover, yet still manages to be cheaper in most guises. Engines are economical and, in 350d versions, quite powerful. Watch out that the options don’t add up, though.

Check out our current deals using our Mercedes GLC configurator.


The new X1 is much improved compared to its unloved predecessor. It gets X5-aping looks and an interior that finally feels as premium as the cost. Engines are typically powerful and cheap-to-run but, like other BMWs, watch out that you don’t go crazy with the options list – things can quickly get expensive.

Check out the savings using our BMW X1 deals page.

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