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Most luxurious SUVs of 2024

Gone are the days when luxury saloons were all the rage, now you want a luxury SUV if you’re after something posh and comfortable to get around in. It’s easy to see how this has developed, too, because SUVs offer lots of space and their high-riding suspension means you can roll around in supreme comfort.

Our expert reviews team has been behind the wheel of every luxury SUV and has put together a list of the very best. Some are posher than others, some are more fun on a twisty road, but one thing they all have in common is that you’ll get to your destination feeling just as fresh as you did when you left.

Here are the best luxury SUVs you can buy in 2024:


1. BMW X5

BMW X5 review
Battery range up to 45 miles
Family Values Award
Highly Commended

2. BMW X7

BMW X7 review
Aston Martin DBX

3. Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin DBX review

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Range Rover
Comfortable Cruiser Award
Highly Commended

4. Range Rover

Range Rover review

5. BMW iX

BMW iX review
Battery range up to 382 miles
Range Rover Sport (2018-2022)

6. Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport (2018-2022) review
Battery range up to 24 miles
Mercedes-Benz G-Class

7. Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes-Benz G-Class review
Porsche Cayenne

8. Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne review
Bentley Bentayga

9. Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga review
Rolls-Royce Cullinan

10. Rolls Royce Cullinan

Rolls-Royce Cullinan review

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It used to be that this was a pretty straight fight between the BMW X7 or the Mercedes-Benz GLS (which has a super-luxury Maybach version), but the newly-arrived Range Rover has put the British cat amongst these German pigeons. The addition of extra seats in the boot (and about time, too!), plus new engine tech that means plug-in hybrid versions can go for 70 miles on electric power alone, have brought the Range Rover bang up to date.

With so many diesels being phased out in recent years, this title probably comes down to the new Range Rover Sport P460e plug-in hybrid, which has a big enough battery to enable a range of up to 74.6 miles a claimed 392.6mpg(!) on the official WLTP fuel economy test. 

If you want the best small luxury SUV, it’s very hard to look past the Porsche Macan , especially when it comes to driving. It might not be as mechanically up to date as some rivals, but it is seriously impressive to drive and it has the high-quality cabin you expect in a Porsche.

The only thing that gets close is the Mercedes-Benz GLC, which impresses with its refinement and smart cabin, though calling it luxury is a bit of a push. If you want smaller still, and more affordable, there’s also the Range Rover Evoque, which feels more luxurious inside than some larger and more expensive SUVs.

Porsche has a reputation for  build quality and technical expertise that is second to none, so it’s no surprise to learn that the Cayenne and Macan provide solid long-term reliability. It’s a similar story for anything from Audi, Mercedes, or BMW.

However, if you want the ultimate in engineering quality, the Lexus’ RX450h hybrid benefits from the kind of reliability that has seen Lexus consistently winning awards.

All the premium brands have smaller SUVs in their model line-ups, so you might want to look at the BMW X1 (or all-electric iX1), Audi Q2, Mercedes-Benz GLA or Range Rover Evoque. None will have the luxury touches of their bigger and more expensive siblings, but they’re still stylish, built to a high standard and a great way to get into a premium car brand for a modest cost.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the clear leader here, edging out the Bentley Bentayga by managing to mix ludicrous levels of luxury with a sense of decorum and refined taste that others seem to miss. It’s luxurious, of course, but it does that very British thing of not seeming to show off about being luxurious.

However, at a more affordable level, the Land Rover Defender has a fantastic cabin design that reflects the car’s rugged nature, through exposed bolts, powder-coated metal and open shelves. It feels perfectly fit-for-purpose and is surprisingly comfortable on a long journey, so it’s more satisfying by far than interiors in more obviously opulent rivals.