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McLaren redefined motoring hi-tech. Not content with being one of the most successful F1 teams in the world they’ve only gone and branched out into building road cars too. And not just any old road cars, either.

The original McLaren F1 was a technological tour de force that was as compromise-free as any road car ever could be with its central driving position. Heck, they even lined the engine bay in gold, as it was the most effective insulating material they could find…

The MP4-12C continues the tradition, even if it is slightly more conventional. It is a stone-cold killer that is brutal in its efficiency – perhaps even a little too efficient for some, with most arguing that the Ferrari 458 is a touch more engaging to drive.

No matter. McLaren will continue to pursue excellence and will produce the best supercar on the market in the next five years. They will also produce a cheaper road car that will stun punters and the motoring press alike. Mark our words…