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BYD Company is a Chinese firm that builds a variety of products, including batteries, energy storage devices and vehicles ranging from everyday cars to buses, forklifts and monorail trains.

Based in Shenzhen, China, its automotive division is called BYD Auto. It specialises in plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in its home country, but is focusing on electric-only for the UK car market. It already sells electric buses in the UK.

BYD stands for ‘Build Your Dreams’. Early UK models had this slogan emblazoned across the rear, but this has been ditched following negative feedback from prospective customers…

BYD has factories all over China and in a few countries around the globe. Currently, most BYD cars are made in its home country, but in December 2023, it announced plans for a new car factory in Hungary to serve Europe.

BYD is based in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

There are currently three BYD models on sale in the UK. The least expensive is the Dolphin, which starts at just over £30,000. The Atto 3 is in the middle of the line up and costs from about £37,000, while the Seal tops the range with a starting price of just over £45,000.

BYD cars are generally impressive – the Dolphin is an excellent small electric car, and the Seal is a genuine alternative to the Tesla Model 3, though it isn’t as good value. The Atto 3 is a bit quirky but it’s spacious and comfortable.

BYD hasn’t been selling cars in the UK long enough to get a good idea of their reliability. It’s good to know that all three models received the full five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP.

BYD started selling cars in the UK in 2023 with the Atto 3, followed by the Dolphin and Seal.