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Ferrari is an Italian car manufacturer, based in Maranello, that specialises in high-performance luxury cars. You can find out more about Ferrari cars and the latest news below, as well browse and compare the Ferrari alternatives we recommend on carwow.

About Ferrari cars

Ferrari was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari, and took on his name in 1945, quickly seeing success in motorsport. Ferrari won the 1949 24 Hours of Le Mans and won its first Formula 1 race in 1951.

Over the years it saw continued success in motorsport as well as building beautiful high-performance road cars. Three of the five most expensive cars ever bought at auction are Ferraris, two of those being 250 GTOs – one went for more than £50m.

To this day, Ferrari makes some of the most exciting sports cars money can buy. For example, the 296 GTB offers exhilarating performance, and the brand has just launched its first SUV, the Purosangue.

Alternatives to Ferrari cars

We don’t currently sell Ferraris on carwow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your luxury performance car fix. McLaren makes excellent sports cars, too, while you have Aston Martin and Bentley building luxury performance SUVs. Then there’s Porsche, of course, which makes brilliantly comfortable and capable options that are generally much more affordable than their Italian alternatives. Keep an eye on carwow for the latest new car deals and second-hand models.

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Ferrari FAQs

Ferrari is pretty rare these days, in that it’s not owned by a wider automotive group. It is approximately 65% owned by public shareholders, 25% owned by Dutch holding company Exor, and the remaining 10% is owned by Enzo Ferrari’s son Piero.
Ferrari was founded in 1939 under the name Auto Avio Costruzioni. Enzo could not use the Ferrari name at first due to a non-compete agreement that was in place following his exit from Alfa Romeo. The company began using its current name in 1945.
Yes, Ferrari is Italian. Its headquarters and factory are in Maranello, in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy.
The first Ferrari was called ‘125 S’. Just two examples were made of this V12-engined two-seat sports car.
Ferraris are made at the company’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy.
Modern Ferraris start at around £175,000 for the Roma, while the 296 GTB is about £250,000 and the Purosangue SUV costs more than £315,000.
The Ferrari F40 is one of the company’s most iconic models – 1,311 were built between 1987 and 1992.