New McLaren GTS revealed: V8 supercar available to order now

December 19, 2023 by

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This is the replacement for the McLaren GT, imaginatively called the GTS. It’s lighter and more powerful than before, and you can order yours now. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New McLaren GTS revealed
  • Updated version of the GT
  • 4.0-litre V8 with 635hp
  • 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds
  • Suspension and chassis tweaks
  • Available to order now

McLaren has whipped the covers off the new GTS, a replacement for the GT. It may look very similar to the outgoing car on the outside, but it’s lighter and faster than before.

It still uses 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, however it’s more powerful than the GT’s. The GTS is available to order now, with deliveries starting in 2024.

New McLaren GTS design

To look at, this new McLaren GTS doesn’t look too different to the GT it replaces. You have to really study the design hard to spot the changes, but they are there.

Old McLaren GT left, new McLaren GTS right

Up front, you have a similar, sleek LED light design as before, however the lower bumper has been tweaked with new air vents which are wider, both making the car look more aggressive and helping channel more air to the radiators.

Old McLaren GT left, new McLaren GTS right

The GTS also gets a new set of forged alloy wheels, which you can have in gloss black, silver or diamond-cut finishes. The rear end looks almost identical to before, with the thin LED tail lights and aggressive-looking lower diffuser.

New McLaren GTS engine and performance

Mounted behind the driver in the McLaren GTS is a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, just like you got in the GT. It’s more powerful than before though, putting out 635hp. That’s 15hp more than the GT.

This new model is also 10kg lighter than the car it replaces, however despite this you get exactly the same 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds. The GTS is quicker from 0-200kmh (124mph) than the outgoing GT though with a time of 8.9 seconds.

New McLaren GTS suspension and chassis

You buy a McLaren to have fun on a back road, and the GTS is packed with plenty of technology to make sure it feels at home when the going gets twisty.

You get adaptive dampers as standard which can adjust on the fly to minimise body roll, while also making sure the car is comfortable enough for daily use. You also have carbon ceramic brakes to give you confidence when you stamp on the pedal.

When can I buy a new McLaren GTS?

The new McLaren GTS is available to order now, with first deliveries starting in 2024. There’s no word on price just yet, but you can expect it to fetch a premium over the outgoing GT. A figure of around £170,000 seems likely.
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