New McLaren 750S revealed: everything you need to know

April 26, 2023 by

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This is the new McLaren 750S, and it’s a new and improved version of the old 720S. You now get more power, less weight and tweaked suspension, read on for all you need to know.

  • New McLaren 750S revealed
  • Replacement for the McLaren 720S
  • 4.0-litre V8 with 750hp
  • 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds
  • 30kg lighter than the 720S
  • Available to order now

The new McLaren 750S is here, and it has more power than the old 720S, as well as less weight.

You also get more aggressive styling than before, as well as plenty of suspension upgrades over the outgoing 720S.

New McLaren 750S design

At a glance, the new McLaren 750S looks pretty similar to the 720S it replaces. However, there are a few noticeable changes.

Up front you have new, narrower air vents around the headlights, called “eye sockets” by McLaren, as well as a deeper bumper with a larger splitter.

The 750S is also lower than the outgoing 720S, and there are new air intakes in the sills as well as the rear wheel arches. New lightweight forged alloy wheels are available as well.

The new McLaren 750S will also be available as a convertible

At the rear, there’s a longer deck lid to direct air towards the new, extended carbon fibre rear wing. The centre-exit exhaust is also new, and takes inspiration from the McLaren F1 of the 1990’s.

New McLaren 750S engine and performance

Just like the McLaren 720S, the new 750S uses a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 mated to an eight speed dual-clutch gearbox and power is sent to the rear wheels. It produces 750hp, hence the name, and 800Nm of torque.

See what Mat makes of the McLaren 720S Spider…

That’s 30hp and 30Nm more than the 720S, however it’s only one tenth of a second faster from 0-60mph than that car, managing the sprint in 2.7 seconds.

New McLaren 750S chassis and suspension

There are more changes under the skin of the new McLaren 750S to make it better to drive, starting with a lot of weight saving.

This new model is 30kg lighter than the 720S. You get carbon fibre bucket seats which save 17.5kg over the old ones, those forged alloy wheels are 13.8kg lighter and even the digital driver’s display has shed 1.8kg.

As for the suspension, it’s been fine tuned to improve both comfort and agility. The front springs have been made softer and the rears are stiffer, and the dampers have been tweaked as well.

The front suspension geometry has also been changed, and the track is 6mm wider at the front than before. This means the front wheels are further apart, improving front end grip. A faster steering rack makes the 750S feel more responsive than before.

New McLaren 750S interior and infotainment

Changes on the inside of the McLaren 750S are less dramatic. It’s still a very driver-focussed cabin, with no buttons on the steering wheel or unnecessary distractions.

The centrepiece is the slim touch screen in the centre console with Apple CarPlay, and there’s a simple row of switches for your major controls underneath.

How much does the McLaren 750S cost?

The new McLaren 750S is available to configure now, however you can expect deliveries to start towards the end of the year.

No pricing has been confirmed just yet, however you can expect it to fetch a premium over the old 720S. A starting price of around £250,000 is to be expected.

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