15 cheapest cars to insure in 2024

January 12, 2024 by

Insurance can be a significant cost attached to car ownership – especially if you’re a statistically risky new or young driver. How much you pay for your car insurance will depend on two major factors: your driving history and the car’s cost and performance.

The factors determining whether an insurer wants to cover you include your age, how long you’ve held a licence and any penalty points or convictions you’ve incurred are all taken into consideration when insurance providers calculate your premium.

All cars are placed into a car insurance group, ranging from one to 50, largely based on cost. Cheaper cars in low insurance groups are cheaper to insure, while expensive models in or around group 50 are among the most expensive. You shouldn’t judge a car based solely on its insurance group, though, as numerous other factors can affect insurance prices, so your best bet is to get a quote on several models before committing. And remember that a really great new car deal could save you more money than spending more on a car with cheaper insurance.

Below you’ll find a list of cars with the lowest insurance groups. They’re not all tinny little buzzboxes, either – there are some superminis and even some compact SUVs that fall into this category. Click below to read their individual reviews from our team of trusted experts, or scroll down to read more about their insurance groups.

Top 15 cheap insurance cars

1. Volkswagen Polo
2. Hyundai i10
3. Volkswagen Up
4. Kia Picanto
5. Dacia Sandero
6. Seat Ibiza
7. Renault Clio
8. Skoda Fabia
9. Kia Rio
10. Toyota Aygo X
11. Nissan Micra
12. MG 3
13. Fiat Panda
14. Seat Arona
15. Renault Captur

1. Volkswagen Polo SE 1.0

Insurance group: 1

The Volkswagen Polo is comfortable, classy and has a cabin full of soft, well-chosen materials that give it a big-car feel. Every Polo comes with a touchscreen-based infotainment system, too. The Polo models that qualify for low insurance are those fitted with a 1.0-litre petrol engine, which is fine if all your driving is done around town: however, if you regularly drive on the motorway network or faster A roads, you might be better off swallowing the extra cost and opting for a variant with a larger engine.

2. Hyundai i10 1.0 Advance

Insurance group: 2

The Hyundai i10 is a well-designed hatchback filled with standard equipment, including air-conditioning and electric windows, even on the entry-level SE model. A touchscreen infotainment system is also available on versions of the i10 that are relatively modest trim levels. There’s enough space in the cabin (just) for four adults and the boot is big enough for a weekly shop at the supermarket. Its petite size and light controls mean the i10 is right at home in town, with parking a doddle. You will need to work the 67hp engine pretty hard to keep up with faster traffic, however – which is why such models are in the lowest insurance group.

3. Volkswagen Up Take Up 1.0 60PS

Insurance group: 2

The Volkswagen Up is getting a little long in the tooth now, and it’s only available to purchase used or from dealer stock, but like a veteran sports star who is still at the top of their game, it’s a car that still has much to offer. The interior has a simple appearance but look closer and you’ll find that it’s full of standard kit, such as DAB radio, Bluetooth and air-conditioning. Clever packaging – how the space in the car is used – means there’s more room inside than you might imagine. Plus, of course, it’s a Volkswagen, so the interior quality is impressive for such an affordable car. The 60hp engine that qualifies the Up for group 2 insurance needs to be revved hard to keep up with traffic, though.

4. Kia Picanto 1.0 2

Insurance group: 3

The Kia Picanto is a good choice for anyone looking for a decent city car, thanks to its funky styling options and high level of standard equipment. Swerve the entry-level version and you’ll find mid-spec cars with alloy wheels, Bluetooth and air conditioning. Step up to a higher trim level and your Picanto will also feature an easy-to-use touchscreen infotainment system. The 1.0-litre engine is perfectly usable for urban driving but it can feel strained if you’re travelling at motorway speeds, with noise intruding into the cabin: there are versions with a 100hp turbocharged engine, but these will cost more to insure. All Kia models also come with a seven-year warranty that offers peace of mind to owners.

5. Dacia Sandero 1.0 SCe Essential

Insurance group: 4

The Dacia Sandero is the cheapest new car available to buy right now, moving proof that cheap certainly doesn’t have to mean nasty. There’s a decent amount of standard equipment onboard, including Bluetooth and air conditioning, while a touchscreen infotainment system can also be specified. Dacia has now dropped the entry-level Sandero Access, but the affordable Essential model sits in insurance group 4.

6. Seat Ibiza SE Design 1.0 MPI

Insurance group: 3

The Seat Ibiza is spacious enough for four adults, as well as a practical 355-litre boot. The stylish exterior makes the Ibiza a desirable car to own, along with a fun-to-drive character. All models have a colour touchscreen-based infotainment system as standard, along with alloy wheels and a leather steering wheel. The 1.0-litre MPi engine develops just 80hp, though, while the more modern turbocharged 100hp 1.0-litre engine (known as TSI) is costlier to insure.

7. Renault Clio 1.0 SCe 65 Play

Insurance group: 3

Spend any kind of time inside the Renault Clio and you’ll have to pinch yourself to remember that it can be classified in group 3 for insurance. The dashboard is smart and minimalist, while the materials all feel classy and well screwed together. There’s plenty of space at the front to make it comfy, but anyone tall who’s unfortunate enough to try sitting in the rear will be less happy with the space on offer.

8. Skoda Fabia 1.0 MPI 80 SE Comfort

Insurance group: 4

The Skoda Fabia is a car that represents great value for money and offers a real alternative to the Volkswagen Polo. The Fabia has comparable equipment and engines as the Polo – they’re built on the same Volkswagen Group underpinnings – but for a lower price. The interior is comfortable, albeit not quite as well built as the Polo, and it’s comfortable to travel in.

The entry-level 80hp 1.0-litre MPI engine that slots into group 4 feels a little lethargic, so if you plan on driving the Fabia on motorways you should choose a variant powered by the more modern and powerful TSI engine. Unfortunately. This will involve a Fabia in a higher insurance group, but all versions are economical though, so no matter which one you choose it’ll be easy on the wallet.

9. Kia Rio 1.2 DPi 1

Insurance group: 4

Though the Kia Rio has recently been discontinued, it’s still stylish, affordable and the cabin feels like one from a more expensive car. Some models are left in dealer stock, or you can buy a used model. There are generous equipment levels across the range, with all cars having Bluetooth and air conditioning. Mid-spec cars and above come with a touchscreen infotainment system as standard, too. In common with many cars on this list, select the basic engine to get cheap insurance, which in the case of the Rio is a 84hp 1.2-litre unit.

10. Toyota Aygo X 1.0 VVT-i Edge

Insurance group 6

The SUV-style Toyota Aygo X launched in 2022 has replaced the regular Aygo supermini and brings with it affordable insurance. Cars with the Pure or Edge trims can be found in group 6, while, with the higher-specification Exclusive trim is in group 7. With light steering and a raised ride height, the Aygo X is a great urban companion, while the rugged looks add a dash of visual flair over more conventional city cars.

11. Nissan Micra 1.0 IG-T 92 Acenta 5dr CVT

Insurance group 5

The Nissan Micra variant that used to appear in insurance group 1 is no longer part of the range, but the 92hp 1.0-litre Acenta model with the CVT automatic gearbox is available in the affordable insurance group 4 (this rises to group 8 if you go for the model with the manual gearbox). Either way, the Micra is stylish, comfortable and easy to drive, while also being good on fuel and cheap to service. Only recently discontinued, nearly-new models are easy to find and affordable.

12. MG3 1.5 VTi-TECH 3 Time

Insurance group 4

It may not be the most stylish small car, but the MG3 offers lots of interior space, is remarkably affordable to buy and run, and also offers engaging handling. If you choose the Explore or Excite models (only one engine option is available, a 1.5-litre petrol unit) and you’ll qualify for group 7 insurance as well.

13. Fiat Panda 1.2 Pop

Insurance group 3

The Panda may not have the same instant appeal as the Fiat 500, but it’s still a characterful car, offering more practicality than its design-conscious cousin. The Life trim powered by the 70hp 1.0-litre petrol engine should be cheap to insure, thanks to its group 7 insurance rating, together with the low running costs that small Fiats tend to offer owners.

14. Seat Arona 1.0 TSI SE

Insurance group 8

Where the Seat Arona has an edge over many of its small SUV rivals is its stylish interior, though it’s worth noting that some of the materials do feel a little cheap in places. There’s an 8.25” infotainment system as standard, though you might want to opt for a variant beyond the entry-level version for an improved 9.2” system. All trim levels are combined with a 1.0 TSI petrol engine, but higher-spec FR and FR Sport variants also have a 1.5 TSI engine as an alternative.

15. Renault Captur 1.0 TCE 90 Play

Insurance group 7

The Renault Captur looks a bit more stylish than some of its more conventional-looking rivals, while the interior has a neat infotainment system, slicker design and upgraded materials. The entry-level Evolution trim includes a 7.0” portrait-orientated infotainment system with built-in sat nav. There’s also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, DAB radio and Bluetooth as standard, too, while other trims get a larger 9.3” portrait touchscreen.

How to get cheaper car insurance?

  • Choose a cheaper car. Check the insurance group of any car before buying. The model you drive will have a big impact on your premiums, so choose a smaller car in a lower insurance group.
  • Compare quotes. Compare the insurance premiums on a comparison website or with a broker for the three main types of car insurance: third-party, third-party (fire and theft) and fully comprehensive.
  • Reduce your mileage. The fewer miles you cover in a year, the lower the risk of a collision, which is why insurance providers factor in annual mileage when calculating the cost of your premium.
  • No-claims discount. If you don’t make any claims on your car insurance, you’ll be rewarded when you renew the policy with a no-claims discount (NCD). Building up a good NCD over a number of years can save a lot of money over the years.
  • Black box. Telematics, or black box insurance, can lower premiums because the insurer can monitor the way you drive through a small device installed in your car or via an app downloaded on your smartphone. If you can demonstrate you’re a safe driver, you should qualify for a discounted premium.
  • Pay-as-you-go. If you only drive occasionally, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) insurance might be your best bet. These policies adjust your premiums according to the amount of time or miles you clock up on the road.
  • Penalty points. Safer drivers are offered lower premiums, so if you get caught speeding and receive penalty points on your licence, expect to pay higher premiums.
  • Pay once. If you can afford to pay your annual car insurance premium in one lump sum, you will avoid interest on monthly instalments, so it ends up cheaper.
  • Increase your excess. If you opt to pay a higher voluntary excess (how much you pay towards a claim), the cost of your premium will fall. Remember that you will have to pay the voluntary as well as the compulsory excess set by the insurance provider if you need to make a claim.
  • Pay for what you need. You can increase your cover by adding extras such as courtesy car cover, windscreen cover, breakdown cover and motor legal protection – useful extras, but are they worth paying extra for?
  • Modifications. If you’re thinking about modifying your car, weigh up the cost before you go ahead. Some modifications could make your car more appealing to car thieves, which would be reflected in higher premiums.
  • Park off-road. Where you park your car can make a difference to how much your premium comes to. Parking on your driveway is a good option and while a garage is a secure place to park, some insurers will think you could damage your vehicle driving it in and out.
  • Improve security. Fitting an approved alarm or immobiliser should help to cut the cost of car insurance but speak to your provider directly to get any saving reflected in your premium.
  • Go advanced. An advanced driving course like Pass Plus can help boost your confidence on the road and could get you a discount on your car insurance.
  • Named driver. If you’re a newly qualified driver and you share a car with a more experienced driver, you could cut the cost of your premium by adding them to your insurance policy. The person who uses the car the most must be the main driver: if they’re not, you’ll be guilty of fronting, which is considered insurance fraud.
  • Multi-car policies. Many car insurers offer a discount if you insure two or more cars under the same policy. These multi-car policies could work out cheaper than insuring each car under a separate policy.
  • What’s your job? Insurance providers think that people in certain occupations are riskier bets, which is why your job affects how much your pay for your cover. Try to select a job title that could result in a cheaper premium, but it must still accurately describe what you do. If it doesn’t, you could invalidate your insurance or even be prosecuted for insurance fraud.
  • Auto-renewal. Legal rules mean that insurance providers can’t quote existing customers a higher premium for renewing their car insurance than new customers. However, it’s always worth comparing car insurance quotes to see if you can find a cheaper deal elsewhere before signing up for another year.

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