Citroen SpaceTourer Review

The Citroen SpaceTourer is a huge van-based MPV with a roomy cabin that can be had with up to nine seats. It feels cheap in places and looks very dull inside, though.


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What's good

  • Big boot
  • Economical engines
  • Loads of passenger space

What's not so good

  • Drab styling
  • Interior feels cheap
  • Spartan entry-level cars

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Overall verdict

The Citroen SpaceTourer is a very practical MPV with enough space in its van-shaped body for as many as nine people. If you don’t fancy moonlighting as a minicab driver, you can get it with five seats and an absolutely vast boot.

Unlike the similarly named Citroen C4 SPaceTourer, the non-C4 model isn’t a stylish MPV with space-age looks. Instead, the Citroen SpaceTourer is a boxy van-based MPV with unassuming styling and a back-to-basics cabin.

In this sense, it’s quite similar to the Peugeot Traveller – both come with a very high roof and large rear doors that slide rather than swing open to help passengers climb in easily. Speaking of passengers, you can carry between four and eight friends in the Citroen SpaceTourer, depending on how many seats you choose to have fitted.

Even in nine-seater mode, there’s enough space for tall adults to get comfy and even those in the rearmost seats won’t feel too claustrophobic thanks to the Citroen’s large windows. Not convinced? You can also get mid-range models with a panoramic glass roof to let even more light into the back seats.

Even with most of your extended family onboard there’s plenty of space left over in the Citroen SpaceTourer’s boot for a few suitcases. You won’t feel left out in the front either, because there’s plenty of head and legroom and you get a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system to keep you occupied in all but entry-level models.

You won’t buy the Citroen SpaceTourer because it looks great or feels posh, but you might part with your cash if you need to carry eight friends and their luggage without breaking the bank.

Mat Watson
carwow expert

Sure, it doesn’t look as sharp or as colourful as the system you get in a Mercedes V-Class, but it comes with a DAB digital radio and lets you connect your phone using Bluetooth and MirrorLink so you can use your phone’s navigation apps through the Citroen’s built-in screen.

All the Citroen SpaceTourer’s controls feel reasonably solid, but the more expensive Mercedes V-Class has it beaten in terms of both build quality and plush-feeling materials.

You sit just as high up in the Citroen SpaceTourer as in the Mercedes V-Class though, so you get an equally commanding view out over other cars. The Citroen’s steering is fairly light too, so it isn’t particularly taxing to manoeuvre through city streets on in heavy traffic.

It doesn’t feel quite as perky as the more powerful V-Class when you accelerate hard, though, but most of the Citroen SpaceTourer’s 1.6- and 2-litre diesel engines are still punchy enough to pull you and eight friends along at a reasonable lick. The Citroen’s slightly more economical than the Mercedes, but is a little noisier at motorway speeds.

To help make it a bit more relaxing to drive, you’ll want to pay extra for the optional adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking upgrade. This also helps make the Citroen SpaceTourer safe, and well worth a second look if you’re after a very practical MPV – especially if you need to carry as many as eight passengers. Check out our Citroen SpaceTourer deals to see how much you can save on one.

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