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Volkswagen’s entry into the electric car market was long awaited, but once its first standalone EV, the ID3, arrived in 2019, there’s been little to hold the firm back as it’s launched electric car after electric car. All Volkswagen’s EVs are badged ‘ID’, and while each shares the same mechanical platform, the cars have different purposes and characters, ensuring there’s likely to be an electric Volkswagen for you.

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Volkswagen electric car models: current range

There are currently four electric VWs available for you to buy, with a fifth, the ID7, coming imminently.

Volkswagen ID3

Spiritually an electric version of the VW Golf, the ID3 is a spacious, practical hatchback with a range of up to 347 miles if you go for the 77 kiloWatt hour battery version, while the 58kWh model can officially manage 265 miles on a charge, and costs roughly £5,500 less.

Volkswagen ID4

While the ID3 is a hatchback, the ID4 is more of an electric SUV, offering a higher ride height and a much larger (385 Vs 543 litres) boot. The ID4’s starting price is around £1,000 higher than the ID3’s and you get a choice of two different battery packs, together with the option of the high-performance 299hp four-wheel-drive GTX model - though this is around £14,000 more than the entry-level ID4.

Volkswagen ID5

While the ID3 is a straightforward EV hatchback and the ID4 is effectively an SUV, the ID5 takes a similar formula but offers it in an SUV-cum-coupe shape. It’s a fair bit pricier than those other two cars, starting from around £51,000, but that automatically gets you the larger 77kWh battery, as there’s no lower-range model available. As such, expect up to 327 miles from a charge, or slightly less if you go for the powerful GTX model.

Volkswagen ID Buzz

It’s fair to say that while distinct from one another and serving different tastes and needs, the ID3, 4 and 5 are variations on a theme. And so now for something completely different, with the VW ID.Buzz. Probably one of the coolest electric cars on the road, the ID.Buzz takes its inspiration from Volkswagen’s iconic Type 2 camper and commercial vans of the 1960s. You do have to pay for the privilege of this EV-themed nostalgia, as the Buzz starts not far off £60,000, but this spacious people carrier is almost impossible not to warm to.

Volkswagen electric cars FAQs

Depends on the car. The ID3 is the most affordable electric VW, with a starting price of around £37,000, while the ID.Buzz is the most expensive, from roughly £57,000.
No, sadly not: the VW e-Golf was killed off in 2020 as the company made way for theID3, which occupies a similar place in the market, but has a better battery range and more discrete character. There are plenty of used Volkswagen e-Golfs on the second-hand market, though.
Yes: VW aims to only offer electric cars in Europe from 2033, two years ahead of the planned cut-off after which only zero-emission cars can be sold from new.