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There are two 100% electric Fiat models available, the 500e and 500e Convertible, plus the new 600e.

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Current electric Fiat cars

Fiat 500e

If you’re looking for a cute and nippy electric car, the Fiat 500e makes a great choice. Its retro-styling is attractive. It achieved a score of 7/10 in our review, losing points for the limited amount of space for the rear seats and boot, but then it is meant to be a city car. There are two battery options: one with an official range of 115 miles, and the other has an official range of 199 miles - both quite modest distances, but plenty if you’re staying in the city.

Fiat 500e Convertible

The 100% electric Fiat 500e Convertible is even more desirable and cool than the standard model thanks to the roof which folds away for wind-in-the-hair motoring. It shares the same 70kW (95 hp) or 87K (118hp) battery with the standard model (offering ranges of 115 or 199 miles, respectively).

Fiat 600e

The Fiat 600e is for those who love the cute style of the 500 but need extra space. New this year, the Fiat 600e offers five doors and is described as a compact SUV. It’s available with both an all-electric model and a hybrid powertrain.

The electric Fiat 600e has an official range of up to 254 miles from its 115kW battery producing 154hp. It got a score 7/10 in our review, losing points for some scratchy plastics inside, the infotainment being a bit slow and lacking boot space compared to bigger (but not so stylish) rivals.

Fiat electric FAQs

As there are only three 100% electric Fiats to choose from, choosing the best one is easy as it comes down to how much space you need. If the two-door 500e is big enough for your needs, then it’s a winner over the larger 600e - especially if you fancy a convertible. If you need four doors so rear passengers can get in and out easily, then the Fiat 600e, even though it’s not quite as cool-looking as the 500e, will be the best one for you to buy.
The 100% electric Fiat 500e has a choice of two batteries - one offering an official range of 115 miles and the other 199 miles. If you’d prefer a longer range, then the 600e has an official mileage of 254 miles.
Fiat’s all-electric models start from £28,195 for the 500e and £34,195 for the 500e Convertible. Prices for the 600e start at £32,995. The Fiat e-GRANT gives buyers of a 500e or 600e £3,000.