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MINI has so far introduced just one MINI Electric model – well, two if you count the limited-run MINI Electric Convertible – which has a relatively short range. That’s going to change very soon, as MINI is about to launch an all-new all-electric hatchback, as well as an electric Countryman and eventually an electric crossover called the Aceman.

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MINI electric car range: current models

Mini’s electric models make lots of sense for those with short commutes and home charging. They’re a bit short-legged for longer journeys, but they’re more fun to drive than most other EVs.

MINI Electric

The MINI Electric was never designed from the start as an electric car, and it kind of shows. With just a small 36kWh battery, it can only squeeze out a maximum range of 144 miles, which is pretty short. That said, the MINI Electric keeps the sharp steering and genuinely fun handling from the rest of the range, which is more than you can say for many rival EVs.

MINI Electric Convertible

MINI didn’t really build the MINI Electric Convertible as a serious electric car contender – it’s too heavy and based on too-old technology for that, as demonstrated by its pretty useless 124 mile range. Still, those 124 miles can be covered with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, if you pick the right day, so there’s a certain level of charm here. The next-generation electric MINI will be a much more serious machine, and will come with a convertible model once again. Only 150 of this limited edition version were sold in the UK, which is about enough to be honest.

MINI electric cars FAQs

The MINI Electric hatchback has a starting price of £32,550, which makes it pretty expensive, especially compared to what MG could offer you in terms of electric range for the same money. The MINI Electric Convertible cost a ridiculous £52,200, but they’re all sold out now. 
Yes and no. No if what you need is space in the back seats, a low price tag, and a long range. Yes if you like a stylish, well-made cabin and genuinely fun handling. Hopefully the upcoming all-new electric MINI hatchback will be much more competitive, but still fun.
The maximum official range of the MINI Electric is just 144 miles. You might stretch that a bit if all of your driving is in town, but it’ll shrink to under 100 miles if you head out on the motorway. 
All of MINI’s electric cars have so far been made in MINI’s main factory in Cowley, in Oxfordshire. However, the new electric hatchback will be built in both Cowley and China, while MINI’s factory in The Netherlands will build the new electric Countryman and Aceman models.