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A cheap electric car could sound like the perfect car for many people, combining a low purchase price combined with really low running costs. If an EV (electric vehicle) fits into your lifestyle and the journeys that you regularly make, then you'll likely be on to a winner, right?

Well, not quite. Electric cars do cost more than petrol or diesel cars because of the latest technology they contain. This includes everything from the latest battery tech to in-car infotainment such as sat-nav which helps calculate just how much range your EV has.

But just because you want to help save the planet, doesn't mean you can't pick up an electric car that doesn't cost the earth.

In this list we've put together the cheapest electric vehicles on sale in the UK today. The cars below are ordered by the lowest priced model in the car's range and include the average discount you can get through carwow, starting with the cheapest new electric car you can buy.

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Frequently asked questions about cheap electric cars

Can an electric car be cheap? Well, it's cheap to run anyway – as electricity is a lot cheaper than petrol or diesel. Read on for more information.
Cheap is relative, right? It’s true that electric vehicles are more expensive than petrol or diesel cars. That’s because technology in developing the battery packs, the motor and all the other associated features of an electric vehicle is relatively new. You may be able to off-set the higher purchase price of an electric car with lower running costs. It costs less to charge up an electric car than it would to refuel a petrol or diesel car. If you are a company car buyer, an electric car is extremely tax efficient, too.

The electric cars here are ordered by their carwow price – that is the lowest price you can expect to pay for the cheapest model in the range, including the hassle-free, haggle-free discounts that are available. So as discounts may change over time, check the review for the latest offers available. 

If you are considering leasing a car you should be aware that this list is not necessarily in order from cheapest to most expensive. The monthly price for a Renault Zoe for example could be significantly lower than the monthly price for a Smart EQ ForTwo. This is because how leasing companies calculate a lease cost, which takes into account discounts available from different car manufacturers and how different cars depreciate – i.e. lose their value over time – at different rates.

The Electric Car Grant – What you need to know?

You can get a discount on the price of brand new low-emission vehicles through a grant the government gives to vehicle dealerships and manufacturers.

You do not need to ask your dealer about the grant nor do you have to apply for it – the dealer will include the value of the grant in the vehicle’s price.

The grant means you can get up to a maximum of £2,500 off the price of an electric car – for EVs priced under £35,000. This grant was £3,000 for vehicles under £50,000 but was changed in March 2021 when the government announced it wanted to target less expensive models and allow the scheme’s funding to go further.

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