Benefits of electric cars

March 21, 2022 by

Electric cars have charged onto the new car scene and are quickly growing in popularity.

If you’re used to petrol and diesel cars, it’s natural to be dubious about making the switch to the unknown of an electric car. However, they have a lot to offer, and this guide is here to highlight some of the benefits.

1. Lower fuel costs

The amount of electricity you’ll use for a full charge on an electric car is like-for-like cheaper than you’d spend on a tank of fuel to go the same distance.

If you’re able to charge at home, that difference will be even more pronounced. Public rapid chargers will be more expensive than topping up at home, but still noticeably cheaper than petrol or diesel.

2. No exhaust? No emissions

Whereas a petrol or diesel car will produce emissions as they combust their fuel, an electric car has zero local emissions.

That’s good for a little peace of mind when you’re driving, knowing you’re adding no further harmful pollutants to the atmosphere.

3. Exempt from clean air zone charges

An extra benefit for electric cars producing no emissions means they’re exempt from clean air zone charges.

Cities across the UK are beginning to introduce zones which will charge drivers of older petrol and diesel cars to drive through them or even entirely bar them. With an electric car, you won’t need to worry about that.

4. Government grants available for some models

Though admittedly government grants for EVs have been reduced in recent years, it’s still possible to take advantage of them.

If you buy an EV with an RRP of £32,000 or less (including options, delivery and registration fees), a £1,500 grant will be applied to the purchase price. You don’t have to sort this either, the dealer you buy your car from will do the legwork and apply it automatically.

5. No road tax to pay for many models

Under the current UK road tax system, cars must pay road tax based on how much CO2 emissions they produce.

With electric vehicles producing none, they’re exempt from road tax. That said, if your car has a list price of £40,00 or more, you’ll need to pay road tax for five years. This will still work out cheaper than equivalent petrol or diesel models, though.

6. More relaxing to drive

As an electric car produces little to no noise, they tend to be much more relaxing to cover long distances in.

Plus you don’t need to mess around with gears, adding to a slightly smoother experience.

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