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Ford knows a thing or two about seven-seaters. It’s made some belters over the years. While many large families choose SUVs, there’s still a lot to be said for a really good seven-seat MPV like the Ford S-Max or Ford Galaxy.

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Ford 7 seater range: current models

Here’s carwow’s take on Ford’s seven-seat line-up.

Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Don’t cross the Grand Tourneo Connect off your shortlist just because it’s based on a van. The commercial vehicle origins don’t stop the Ford from being surprisingly good to drive, and the boxy shape means there’s no sacrificing space for style. The Grand is the longer of two Tourneo Connect models and comes as standard with seven seats and decent boot space.

Ford Tourneo Connect

Like its big brother, the regular-sized Tourneo Connect is available with seven seats. In this case the extra row of seats is an optional extra rather than standard. The Tourneo Connect is quite slow, especially the petrol model, but it’s very practical and rides comfortably. Being smaller than the Grand, the Tourneo Connect is easier to park.

Ford Galaxy

Search for a new Ford Galaxy on Ford’s website, and you’ll search in vain. Like many MPVs, the Galaxy has gone too soon, a victim of changing fashions and the drive to electrification. It’s worth searching carwow for a used Galaxy, though. These are brilliant cars, with space for seven, flexible seating, and a usefully sized boot even with all three rows of seats in place.

Ford S-Max

The S-Max has gone to the great showroom in the sky, just like the Galaxy. The two cars are quite similar, but the S-Max is a little bit sharper and more fun to drive. The trade off is a little less space for people and their luggage. It’s close to the ideal seven-seater for keen drivers.

Ford S-Max Vignale

Vignale is Ford’s posh trim level. While Vignales are sometimes listed as separate models, an S-Max Vignale is just an S-Max with some styling tweaks, lots of toys, and lashings of leather inside. That’s no bad thing, as the S-Max is an excellent seven-seater. You’ll need to search for a used S-Max Vignale, as the car is no longer sold new.  

Ford Grand C-Max

The Ford Grand C-Max is the big brother of the regular C-Max. Whereas the C-Max has room for five, the stretched Grand C-Max has room for seven. It’s not as big as an S-Max or Galaxy, but it’s still a good buy for someone who will only need the extra seats from time to time. Like many of Ford’s other seven-seaters, if you want a Grand C-Max you’ll need to shop for a second-hand car.

Ford 7 seater cars FAQs

No. The C-Max is a five-seater. Maybe you’re thinking of the Grand C-Max, which is a slightly bigger car and squeezes in an extra row to make room for seven.
Yes. It’s one of the best seven-seaters Ford has made. Very few MPVs drive as well as the Ford S-Max, and practicality hasn’t been forgotten.
No, although you wonder if Ford has missed a trick by only offering the Kuga SUV with five seats. A Grand Kuga seven-seater would surely be a popular addition to the range and would give Ford an alternative for Kia Sorento and Skoda Kodiaq customers. How about it, Ford?
If you are shopping on the used market, take your pick from the Grand C-Max, the S-Max, and the Galaxy. If you are shopping for a new car, you can add the Tourneo Connect and the Grand Tourneo Connect to that list. We should also mention the Ford Tourneo Custom, which has room for up to eight.
Buying new? Then the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect is good value and very practical. Shopping for a used car? Then the Ford Galaxy is one of the best seven-seaters. It’s roomy, clever, and good to drive.