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Land Rover offers a range of upmarket SUVs, most of which are also offered with seven seats, meaning they’re not only posh inside and comfortable to drive, they’re also practical for a large family. You are also safe in the knowledge that even the most road-focused Land Rovers still come with more off-road ability than the majority of alternatives could dream of.

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Land Rover 7 seater range: current models

Here are all of the seven-seat Land Rovers you can buy – our expert reviews team can guide you to the right model for you.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is a bit of a beast of an SUV. Its size might make it a touch intimidating to drive in town, but its soft suspension means it’s better over bumps and potholes than most alternatives. The interior is lovely and there’s enough room for seven adults if required. In some alternatives, the rear-most suits are cramped enough for kids, let alone grown ups…

Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you don’t need a 4x4 quite as huge as the Discovery, the Discovery Sport is a good option. It’s more of a 5+2 than a full seven-seater, meaning it’s a bit cramped in the back. However, it’s decently spacious in the front two rows, so if you just need the third row for small children or rare occasions it’s worth considering. It’s also comfortable over bumps and fantastic off-road, though the infotainment system isn’t particularly good.

Land Rover Defender 110

Want your seven-seat family SUV with a hefty dose of off-road ability? The Land Rover Defender is the car for you. It’s available in three body styles – the 90 is strictly a five-seater, and the 130 is actually offered with eight seats, but the Land Rover Defender 110 is available with seven seats. It has an interior that’s rugged yet feels suitably posh, and feels just as comfortable to drive around town as it does halfway up a mountain.

Range Rover

The ultimate in luxury, the Range Rover is one of the poshest cars you can buy, but it’s also a great family car option – if you’re willing to risk mud and stains on the expensive upholstery – because you can get it with seven seats. This is another one that’s almost intimidatingly big to drive around town, but it’s incredibly comfortable and there are few better options for a long motorway drive. There are optional built-in screens for the back seats to keep the kids entertained, too.

Land Rover 7 seater cars FAQs

No, the Range Rover Velar is not a seven-seater. You can only get it with five seats.
The price of a seven-seater Land Rover depends on which model you go for, but the most affordable version is the Discovery Sport, which starts at just over £40,000. Prices rise for the Discovery and Defender, but the most expensive option is the long-wheelbase Range Rover at just under £120,000 before options.
The Land Rover Discovery has the biggest boot space, at 1,994 litres with the third row folded away, though it’s worth noting all Land Rover SUVs have usefully large boots. The Range Rover has the biggest boot with seven seats in place, at 212 litres.
The best seven-seat Land Rover depends on your needs and budget. If money is no object, the Range Rover is one of the most luxurious cars on the road. The Discovery is a great option that’s a bit more affordable, while the Defender is similarly priced and offers more off-road ability. The Discovery Sport is the least spacious and least posh inside, but it is the most affordable by a long way.