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There might only be two seven-seater BMWs to choose from, but both are excellent SUVs that should be high up your shopping list if you’re searching for a premium seven-seat SUV. Both these models are spacious, great to drive and have lovely interiors to justify the fact they’re quite pricey.

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7 seater BMW range: current models

There are two seven-seat BMWs to choose from – read on to learn more about these practical family SUVs.


The BMW X5 is one of the best SUVs you can buy, irrespective of whether you need seven seats or not. In fact, it’s one of only a handful of cars that have been given Carwow’s coveted 10/10 review score. It’s brilliant to drive and has a lovely interior, and while yes, it’s not cheap, it’s also not the most expensive posh SUV you could consider. The plug-in hybrid option also makes it appealing for company car buyers.


If the BMW X5 isn’t enough for you, why not step up to the BMW X7? One of its key features is genuine space for seven, so those in the third row won’t need to be Olympic gymnasts to squeeze in. It also has a luxurious interior and it’s surprisingly good fun to drive for such a big SUV. It is very expensive, though.

BMW 7 seater cars FAQs

There are two BMW seven-seaters to choose from. The X5 costs from around £65,000, while the X7 starts at over £80,000.
The best BMW seven-seater according to our expert reviews team is the X5, because it feels posh inside but isn’t wildly expensive. If you can afford it, the BMW X7 is a lovely SUV, but it’s very expensive.