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Nearly new cars FAQ

A nearly new car on carwow is a car that has done fewer than 100 miles and has had one previous owner – the dealer who is selling the car. In this sense, a nearly new car is the same as the pre-registered car.

The benefits of a nearly new car are that they tend to be a lot cheaper than a brand new car. They have the same manufacturer warranty and will come from the same trusted dealers as a brand new car. A nearly new car will be available within a matter of days because the dealer will already have the actual car in stock, whereas a brand new car is ordered from the factory and can take weeks to be built, shipped and delivered to your dealership. However, you may have to compromise on your ideal colour or spec.

A pre-registered car is not a brand new car – it’s a nearly new car. You don’t get to choose the exact spec and colour of your pre-registered car but most pre-registered cars come in popular colours and popular specs because dealerships want to sell them on quickly.
A pre-registered car (or pre-reg) is a car that has never been owned or driven by a normal member of the public but has been registered to a dealer, broker or leasing company. From the day a car is registered it becomes a used car, even if it has never moved from the moment it landed at the dealership or even if it is still at the factory compound. So when you buy a pre-registered or nearly new car you won’t be the first owner on the car’s registration documents. 
The dealership pays VAT when it buys the car, and then reclaims the VAT. As a customer you will pay VAT when you buy the nearly new or pre-registered car, but this is included in the quoted price. Even if you are a business customer you would pay the VAT then reclaim it back.

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