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Jaguar's SUV models, the E-PACE and F-PACE, offer both mild hybrid (MHEV) and plug-in-hybrid (PHEV) engines. Jaguar’s hybrid technology helps to make all its cars more efficient by improving fuel economy and reducing emissions.

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Hybrid Jaguar range: current models

Jaguar’s hybrid car range comprises of two SUVs, the E-PACE and F-PACE, which both come with mild hybrid (MHEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) engines.

Jaguar E-PACE

The Jaguar E-PACE compact SUV has two hybrid choices. The first option is a mild hybrid with a diesel engine, and the second one is a plug-in hybrid with a petrol engine with an official all-electric range of up to 37 miles. The Carwow review found that boot space wasn’t impressive and it wasn’t as fun to drive as some rivals, but its plush cabin and stylish looks were appreciated; however, it received a relatively low score overall of 5/10.

Jaguar F-PACE

Jaguar offers the F-PACE as a stylish, premium SUV with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) petrol engine, or as a diesel mild-hybrid, both available in several different levels of trim. The official figures say the PHEV can travel up to 40.4 miles on 100% electric power with a single charge. Carwow’s review gave the F-PACE a score of 8/10 with positives being that it’s one of the best large SUVs to drive, however, there are roomier SUV options and some of the switchgear is fiddly.

Jaguar hybrid FAQs

A plug-in hybrid gives the option of driving in pure electric mode with zero tailpipe emissions for a certain number of miles but with the back-up performance of a Jaguar petrol engine for longer journeys.

It can be charged at home with a 7kW wall charger or with a 3-pin domestic socket, or at a public charger with 50kW from 0-80% in about 30 minutes.

A Jaguar mild-hybrid does not have to be plugged-in as it recharges automatically while driving, usually by using the power generated while the car is breaking; however, they do not have the same capacity of battery so are mainly used to help the car’s performance and not travel any distance on pure electric power.

A Jaguar E-PACE plug-in hybrid starts from £49,440 or the diesel mild-hybrid starts from £43,220.

The larger F-PACE is available with a PHEV engine from £59,035 or as a diesel mild-hybrid from £46,805.
Our review of these Jaguars definitely were more favourable about the F-PACE than the E-PACE; however there is a £10,000 price difference in price of the PHEV models and if you don’t need the extra space of the F-PACE, then the E-PACE could still be best Jaguar hybrid for you.