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New Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake Review

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  • Big boot
  • Stylish design
  • Frugal diesel engine
  • Interior feels dated
  • Cramped back seats
  • New model on the way
38.2 - 51.4
CO2 emissions
144 - 168 g/km
First year road tax
£205 - £515
Safety rating

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is a small but stylish estate car with slick looks and a big boot, but alternatives are more comfortable to drive and come with more high-tech kit.

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If you like the Mercedes CLA’s swoopy styling but fancy something a bit more practical, the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is well worth a look. It’s a more upmarket alternative to the likes of the Kia ProCeed but it is starting to show its age in some areas.

Chief among which is the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake’s interior. Sure, most of the surfaces you’ll touch regularly feel nice and posh but you don’t get anywhere near as many high-tech features as in the new Mercedes A-Class.

Take the upgraded 8-inch infotainment display in high-spec models, for example. It stands proud of the dashboard like an old iPad in a shop window display and the button-heavy centre console isn’t a patch on the new A-Class’ slick minimalist design.

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake isn’t quite as roomy inside as the new A-Class or the Kia ProCeed. There’s enough space in the front for relatively tall drivers to get comfy, but anyone over six-foot tall will find their hair brushing up against the roof.

Things are even cosier in the back, but at least there’s more headroom than you get in the slinkier Mercedes CLA Coupe. Adults will feel a bit hemmed-in, but there’s space for three kids or two large child seats.

You might want to consider the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake if you fancy a small car with plenty of luggage space, striking looks and an upmarket badge on the front.

Mat Watson
carwow expert

If it’s luggage – rather than passengers – you’ll be regularly carrying, the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake has more than enough space for a few large suitcases or a set of golf clubs. And, you can fold the back seats down to carry some seriously bulky items.

If you’ll be using your Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake for cruising down the motorway more often than taking rubbish to the tip, you’ll find it pretty relaxing to drive. You won’t hear a great deal of wind or tyre noise at speed and it does a fairly good job ironing out bumps.

Unfortunately, head into town or down a tight country road and the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake starts to feel moe unsettled. There’s plenty of grip in tight corners and it doesn’t lean a great deal, but the standard Mercedes A-Class’ more supple suspension makes it more comfortable to drive – especially on poorly maintained roads.

The A-Class also comes with a wider selection of engines than the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake. Still, at least the latter’s petrol units are reasonably quiet and fairly economical around town while the diesel engines – although noisier – will be cheap to run if you do lots of long journeys.

The Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake doesn’t come with quite as many driver assistance systems as the likes of the new A-Class, but you do get cruise control and automatic emergency braking as standard. Still, you get all these features on the more affordable Kia Proceed.

If, however, you fancy something with a little more street-cred, then the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is well worth considering.

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