Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Not that practical or cheap – but refined and full of gadgets

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 15 reviews
  • Stylish looks
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great engines
  • Rear headroom is tight
  • Rivals are more fun to drive
  • A little pricey

£38,635 - £46,430 Price range


4 Seats


38 - 58 MPG


The Mercedes E-Class Coupe is a large luxury grand-tourer that looks good and is impressively comfortable. Its closest rivals are the Audi A5 and the BMW 4 Series.

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The E-Class has one of the most comfortable and luxurious cabins in its class and the Coupe version is no different – the same high-quality materials and impeccable build quality Mercedes is renowned for. What is different here is the lower seating position that adds a bit of sporty character and the cushy seats ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

For the best driver’s coupe go for the 4 Series, but if you are looking for a hugely comfortable cruiser that is able to cross huge distances without tiring the driver the E-Class Coupe is the better choice. It’s by no means bad to drive, but it’s more focused on refinement and comfort than power slides and lap times.

The 2.2-litre diesel in the E250 diesel is the best engine. It is powerful, quiet and cheaper to run than the petrols. The larger E350 diesel is equally good, but a bit more expensive to buy.

Equipment levels have recently been upgraded, but prices have crept up along with it. The top-of-the range AMG Line Plus comes with beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels, sport seats and a racy steering wheel.

Read our new Mercedes E-Class Coupe guide for full details of this car’s upcoming replacement.

Cheapest to buy: E 200 AMG Line petrol

Cheapest to run: E 220 d BlueTec diesel

Fastest model: E 400 AMG Line petrol

Most popular: E 350 d AMG Line diesel

Being an E-Class, there aren’t many complaints with build quality; you still get the same well-made cabin as the rest of the range does.

Reviewers have noted that you need to be a life-long Mercedes owner to feel familiar with the dashboard’s layout, which has been described as confusing, and not laid out particularly logically. Revisions in 2013 rectified this to some degree.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe passenger space

Space is also quite good inside as well, and the driver’s seat and steering wheel are both adjustable to help you find the perfect driving position.

There is no denying that the E-Class Coupé is a four-seater, and it’ll happily seat four adults in comfort, but the sloping roofline means that taller passengers may be feel a bit cramped in the back. If you need to seat five, then you’re better off taking a look at the E-Class Saloon.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe boot space

The boot in the E-Class Coupe is the smallest in the range at 450 litres, but is almost the exact same capacity as the ones in the Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series. For maximum boot capacity there is the E-Class Estate

The Coupé sits on a shorter platform than the other E-Class variants and actually shares quite a few bits with the C-Class.

As a result, most testers reckon that it’s a little bit sharper to drive than the other models, and the lower driving position helps make the car feel a bit sportier. 

Despite its athletic credentials, the Coupe’s focus on refinement and comfort mean that it’s not quite as sharp to drive as some rivals.

The good news is that even in AMG Sport trim the E-Class Coupé is an excellent motorway cruiser, mostly thanks to Mercedes focusing on driver and passenger comfort over handling.

Visibility also isn’t that brilliant, but that problem is mostly rectified by parking sensors which cover all four corners of the car.

The E-Class Coupé range has a rather limited number of engines on offer. However, they appear to be very good ones, as all offer a good blend of performance and fuel economy, respective of their engine size. 

Mercedes E-Class Coupe petrol engines

Petrol engines available include the turbocharged 1.8-litre E200, providing over 180hp and passing 60mph in just under eight seconds. At the other end of the scale is the new turbocharged 3.0-litre E400, replacing the thirstier and slightly disappointing V8 engine in the E500.

Mercedes E-Class Coupe diesel engines

The consensus from reviewers makes the E250 CDI diesel model the best choice, as it offers surprisingly ample pace from the 2.2-litre diesel engine and yet also returns over 50mpg.

The E350 CDI, which is only a few mpg thirstier than the E250 CDI, can get to 60mph in under 6 seconds thanks to having over 260hp, but is quite pricey.

The diesel engines are rated higher by reviewers than the petrol engines, which some say are less refined when making progress, although the excellent seven-speed automatic gearbox gets the best out of all of them.

We aggregate and summarise the most helpful Mercedes E250 CDI Coupe reviews from the best publications.

It may be one of the lowlier engines in the range, but the critics seem to be rather impressed with this diesel powered E-Class. The engine may be a bit small for what is a fairly heavy car, but the testers reckon it has more than enough grunt on offer for most people’s needs, and is appealingly affordable to run.

Thanks to the two turbochargers, the tiny 2.1 oil burner has a decent amount of shove across the rev range. It’s not quite as effortless as the larger engines in the range, and can get a bit noisy if you work it hard, but at lower engine speeds there’s more than enough torque on offer for most occasions.

It’s also surprisingly refined, and despite the car’s substantial mass it’s also one of the most efficient engines in the range – Mercedes claims up to 55 mpg is possible, and `135g/km of CO2 means it costs £115 a year to tax.

Overall, the E-Class Coupe is a great car that works well with this diesel engine – quite a few testers reckon it’s the pick of the range. Those wanting a bit more speed may want to look at the other engines in the range, but this small diesel motor will satisfy most buyer’s needs just fine, and is definitely worth considering.

We aggregate and summarise the most helpful Mercedes E250 CGI Coupe reviews from the best publications.

There’s only one review of this spec of E-Class, and it appears to be an incredibly favourable one. The tester seems to be mightily pleased with the car, stating that it’s good to drive, is great at being a cruiser and isn’t too expensive to buy or run.

At 1.8 litres, the petrol motor is quite small for such a large car. However, thanks to some clever engine and turbo technology, the critic reckons it’s by no means a slouch – it’s not quite as brisk as other variants, but there’s a good amount of power and torque across the range, and it’s eager to rev should you be in the mood for ‘spirited driving.

It’s also quite quiet and refined under cruising conditions, and the claimed 40 mpg isn’t too bad for a car of this size.

Overall, the E250 petrol is a good all-round car that shows that even small petrol engines can work well in big cruisers. There are other engines in the range that boast better on-paper statistics, but if you can’t quite afford those models then this is a healthy compromise between performance and fuel economy.

We aggregate and summarise the most helpful Mercedes E350 CDI Coupe reviews from the best publications.

Reviews of the flagship diesel powered E-Class Coupe are generally positive. The critics appear to be impressed with the car’s refinement, its effortless pace and decent running costs. However, a few reckon that, although it’s a good cruiser, it’s not quite as sporting as they’d expect from a coupé.

The testers do seem to be fond of the engine – thanks to the turbocharging tech, it’s got good punch across the rev range, and offers performance that’s more than adequate for most occasions. It’s also quite a refined and quiet engine, which along with the seven speed automatic transmission helps make the E-Class Coupe a very impressive motorway cruiser. Fuel economy is also quite impressive, with up to 41 mpg being possible on the combined cycle.

However, there are some downsides – most of the testers reckon it’s a bit too soft for a coupe, even if its smoother qualities do make sense on longer cruises. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s a cheaper and more efficient diesel engine in the range, so we’d recommend having a look at that option as well.

We aggregate and summarise the most helpful Mercedes E350 CGI Coupe reviews from the best publications.

The reviews of this spec of E-Class Coupe are limited, but the two who were able to test the car both agree that it’s an appealing and well sorted all-rounder. Like the rest of the range, the critics like the refined qualities of both the engine and the car, along with the decent running costs and tidy dynamics. However, it doesn’t appear to be the model that the testers would personally go for.

Thanks to the turbocharged V6, performance is more than ample for most people, though one critic did state the power and torque were delivered at surprisingly high revs, so you need to work the engine fairly hard in order to make progress. That being said, it’s still a relaxed and refined engine when you’re not thrashing it, and the claimed 32 mpg figure is reasonable for the car’s size and performance.

Overall, it’s a good all-round car, and is a worthy choice if you can’t quite afford to buy or run the flagship V8 model. However, though it offers good performance and economy figures, we’re more inclined to recommend the cheaper engines in the range, as they’re still brisk enough for most people yet are far cheaper to run.

We aggregate and summarise the most helpful Mercedes E500 Coupe reviews from the best publications.

The E500 variant is the current flagship of the range, so it’s no surprise that the critics are quite fond of it. They’re big fans of the performance that comes with the big V8 engine up front, but also admire its abilities when you’re pootling along at slower and more relaxed speeds. That being said, there were a few areas where the testers weren’t so pleased with it.

As you’d expect from a car with such a large engine, the E-Class Coupe certainly isn’t lacking in performance – though not quite as powerful or as quick as some AMG cars, the 5.5 V8’s power output of 382 bhp is more than enough for most people’s needs, and makes a great noise as you wind the revs up.

However, the E500’s softer and more sensible qualities means it’s not quite as fun to drive as you might hope from a V8 Mercedes – the similarly priced C63 AMG is a much more exciting machine. However, the supple ride and impressive refinement means that the E Coupe is quite capable as a long distance cruiser.

Overall, the E500 is an appealing car that’s worth having a look at if you want the power and performance that comes with a V8, but would like it wrapped up in a sensible package. The other engines in the range are noticeably cheaper to buy and run, but if you’re sold on this car, it’s likely you won’t be disappointed with it.

These are general, non-engine specific reviews. They give a nice overview of what the car is like, without focusing on just one engine/version.

The E-Class Coupé is brimming with technology, and in the event of an accident, the 5 star Euro NCAP rating achieved by other E-Class platforms should be reassuring to all those on-board.

The E-Class Coupé has nine airbags as standard, and is capable of many things, such as warning the driver should they about to pull into an occupied lane, activating the cars hazard lights if it senses a rear-impact is likely and then applying the brakes to minimise forward movement should one occur, controlling the movement of occupants away from the point of impact with the seat belts, and bringing the car to a halt from 30mph should a pedestrian be detected in the road.

Anyone buying an E-Class Coupé should therefore feel assured that their safety is a top priority at Mercedes.

It’s not exactly a cheap car, but the E-Class Coupé stacks up reasonably well for the class standard, especially when you factor in the build quality and the decent standard equipment list.

The basic AMG Line model is so generously equipped that we reccomend it for the E-Class Coupe – it comes with leather upholstered heated seats, a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment with sat-nav and internet access as well as a DVD player and partial LED lights.

However, it is worth remembering that the Coupé is a bit more expensive than the normal E-Class, which is in turn more spacious and practical than the Coupé yet is just as capable as a long distance cruiser.


Overall, the E-Class Coupé is a very well sorted car that has plenty of appealing merits. 

It’s a great long distance cruiser, the engines on offer are decent, and the swoopy coupé styling gives the E-Class a classier look than the rest of the range.

Despite not being the last word in dynamic thrills, and having headroom issues for taller passengers, it’s still a good all-rounder, and is worth having a look at if you’re in the market for a desirable and refined executive coupé. 

However, where once upon a time it had a fairly isolated place in the market, with the BMW 4-Series and the Audi A5 being its nearest competitors, the arrival of the BMW 4-Series Gran Coupé may mean the focus on future revisions of the E-Class Coupé shifts towards the driving experience.

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