Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain Review and Prices

The Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain adds all-wheel-drive traction and a useful raised ride height to the E-Class Estate. It’s much pricier, though, and proper SUVs are even better off-road.

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What's good

  • Very comfortable to drive
  • All-wheel-drive capability
  • Swanky to look at inside

What's not so good

  • Cost a lot more than standard estate
  • Proper SUVs are even better off-road...
  • ...and can tow heavier trailers

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Is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain a good car?

The Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain is a rugged version of the E-Class Estate with higher suspension than normal, some plastic body cladding and four-wheel drive. If the regular estate is a comfy, practical pair of jeans, think of the All-Terrain as a pair of waterproof hiking trousers. Same comfort, more countryside capability. 

It’s just as luxurious inside as the regular E-Class, though, which means very luxurious indeed. It’s less modern-looking than a BMW 5 Series but still upmarket, pleasant to sit in and comfortable as well. The exterior looks are just as sharp, though with a higher ride height it does have a different stance to a normal E-Class.

You get a pair of 12.3-inch infotainment displays as standard, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It’s a great-looking set-up and has lots of great functionality as well. One of the screens serves as a dial display behind the wheel, while the other is a normal infotainment screen.

The cabin is very spacious, and it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position. While the BMW 5 Series is slightly more spacious in the back seats, the E-Class is still really capacious in the back for kids and adults alike.

Even better is the Mercedes’ boot, which is one of its best aspects in All-Terrain form, as it only comes as an Estate. It’s bigger than those in the 5 Series Touring and Audi A6 Avant, and the wide opening and square shape make it really easy to load up as well. It has a flat floor too, making sliding items in and out easier.

The All-Terrain really is a lovely thing. However, make sure the cheaper E-Class Estate wouldn't be everything you need already.

Mat Watson
Mat Watson
Carwow expert

The All-Terrain shares a five-star rating from Euro NCAP for safety with the normal E-Class, and it also drives very similarly. It’s comfortable, especially on the motorway, although potholes at low speed do upset things slightly.

There’s just one engine option, but that 3.0-litre diesel engine is smooth, powerful and quiet, so it’s a perfect fit for the All-Terrain. It provides the kind of luxurious performance you’d expect of this large executive car.

The nine-speed automatic gearbox is great as well, bringing smooth shifts that you’ll barely notice. It’s reasonably responsive to throttle movements in auto mode, too. It’s mated to a four-wheel-drive system that provides some off-road ability and helps with towing as well.

It’s not as capable as something like a Land Rover Discovery off-road, and can’t tow as much as some large SUVs either, but it’s perfect for a few muddy excursions on holiday or towing your horsebox across a field. 

Yet the Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain offers something a bit different to the droves of SUVs you’ll see in holiday hotspots. It’s one of the most spacious and comfortable cars around, has enough ability to traverse a tricky car park and has a very plush interior with all the kit you’d want.

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