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What are ex-demo cars?

An ex-demo or ex-demonstration car is a display model put up for sale. These cars are typically driven by potential customers on test drives or by dealership staff and may have covered a few thousand miles – as a result, they’re sold at a discount compared to new models.

Why are ex-demo cars sold?

Dealers are eager to get the latest models into the showroom and often want to get rid of older models sitting on the forecourt. Dealers will often offer big discounts on these cars to incentivise buyers – especially if they need to make room for the latest model.

Is an ex-demo car a good deal?

Ex-demo cars are usually high-spec models because dealers want to show off the best options and packages to potential customers. This means your budget might stretch even further than you originally thought, benefitting from options such as upgraded infotainment packages or larger alloys.

These cars will normally be kept in top condition so shouldn’t have any nicks or dents on them. Nevertheless, it’s worthwhile giving them a thorough inspection before purchasing because they may have picked up an imperfection or two during test drives – any chips or faults give you more bargaining power.

Finally, ex-demo cars will usually have covered fewer miles than their similar aged used-car-market counterparts, so you’ll benefit from owning a ‘newer’ car. This could be beneficial when selling the car on in the future.

Things to keep in mind when buying an ex-demo car

Although you’ll probably be getting a great deal on a car, there are a few things to consider. Unlike a pre-registered car, comparable ex-demo cars might be older and may have covered more miles than pre-reg cars.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, like pre-reg cars, you won’t be the first legal owner of the car because it must’ve been registered to use as a demonstrator. Typically the dealership will put itself as the first legal owner before you sign on the dotted line.

Can I buy an ex-demo car through carwow?

Yes! Once you’ve signed up and configured a car, you will be given the option to see a list of pre-reg and ex-demo cars, alongside other nearly-new stock models. Simply call the dealer or send them a message to express your interest in an ex-demo car – it’s that easy.

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