Audi Q5 dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


Audi is really on a roll these days, and the Q5 is proving to be yet another success. It has won numerous comparison tests since the current model received a facelift in 2012, and has generally received positive reviews from the motoring press since it was first introduced in 2008.

However, like any vehicle, the Q5 has its strengths and weaknesses, and some people might be put off by its size. Here we touch on some aspects of the Q5 that tend to be overlooked in traditional test drives, but which nonetheless could have a big impact on your decision to buy one.

Exterior dimensions

The Q5, like many of its competitors such as the BMW X3, falls into the size sweet spot. It is big enough to haul your family and a lot of gear, but small enough to comfortably navigate city streets without wincing when you squeeze past parked cars.

The combination of a relatively low ride height (for its class) with the taller doors of a crossover utility vehicle makes the Q5 easy to get into and out of, a trait that makes it ideal for families with small children or elderly relatives who cant stoop into lower hatchbacks.

Audi Q5 side

Overall length 4,629mm

Overall width 2,089mm

Audi Q5 front back

Wheelbase 2,807mm

Overall height 1,653mm

Interior dimensions

The Q5 receives high marks for its spacious interior. Rear legroom is quite generous, but taller drivers would do well to test drive a Q5 before buying, because front legroom a bit smaller than some compact saloons. The back seat is wide enough for three kids, but three adults wouldnt want to share a long journey in the back its a bit of a tight squeeze.

Audi Q5 interior

Front headroom 1,000mm

Front legroom 1,041mm

Front shoulder room 1,465mm

Audi Q5 rear seat

Rear headroom 990mm

Rear legroom 950mm

Rear shoulder room 1,432mm

Luggage capacity

The Q5s boxy shape helps maximise cargo room. Although boot space is plenty sufficient for everyday needs, folding the rear seat down nearly triples the total capacity perfect for helping someone move house. Should the need arise, the Q5 can tow 750kg (unbraked), and has a maximum nose weight of 750kg.

Audi Q5 boot

Boot space (with rear seats up) 540 litres

Boot space (with rear seats down) 1,560 litres

Maximum trailer load (unbraked) 750kg

Maximum trailer nose weight 100kg

Turning circle and fuel tank capacity

At 11.6m, the turning circle is slightly bigger than that of the longer A4 Allroad. Although not particularly nimble, the Q5 requires about as much space to turn as other similarly sized 4x4s.

Fuel capacity is 75 litres for both the petrol and diesel models. The Q5 can travel nearly 750 miles in between refuelling stops, depending on which engine you choose.

Audi Q5 turning

Turning circle 11.6m

Fuel tank 75 litres (for all engines)


The Q5 is a relative lightweight when fitted with the 2.0-litre petrol engine with a manual gearbox. Opting for the 3.0-litre diesel adds a significant 140kg, and the 2.0-litre diesel adds just 35kg over the petrol models. The range-topping SQ5 3.0-litre diesel model is the porkiest, and weighs 1,920kg. The whopping 650Nm of torque somewhat offsets this weight gain, though.

Audi Q5 structure

Kerb weight 1,720kg (petrol) to 1,920kg (SQ5 diesel)

Find out more

If you want to read more about the Q5and its options then check out our full Audi Q5 review section, with photos, videos, stats, and a full buying guide.


Audi Q5 (2009-2016)

A 4x4 SUV for the whole family
£37,520 - £41,245
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