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Porsche Boxster sizes and dimensions guide

In the shape of the Boxster, Porsche has produced what many believe to be the perfect two-seat sports car. It’s developed into one of the most accomplished driver’s machines on the market, and one that looks handsome inside and out.

It’s certainly talented, but how easy will it be to live with? Our dimensions guide considers how it copes with all the practical details which matter most on a daily basis. Read our full, aggregated review of the Porsche Boxster to see what the UK’s motoring press makes of it.

Porsche Boxster exterior dimensions

One of the great things about the Boxster is that, despite the available performance, it rarely feels intimidating to drive. Its relatively compact dimensions play a big part in its confidence-inspiring feel – it’s mere millimetres longer than a Ford Focus, and narrower, too.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,374mm
Width 1,801mm
Height 1,282mm
Wheelbase 2,475mm

Porsche Boxster interior dimensions

One advantage to designing a car strictly as a two-seater is that fewer compromises are required. Both occupants have more than enough room inside, while the driver’s seat is set very low and is endlessly adjustable, meaning the car feels sporty when the mood takes you while remaining comfortable the rest of the time.

The electric roof operation takes only nine seconds, making it one of the fastest convertible sports cars in its class in more ways than one!

Porsche Boxster boot space

The Porsche Boxster is mid-engined, meaning the engine is mounted between the driver and the rear wheels. Unsurprisingly, this means boot space is pretty limited in the rear, with only enough room to house a couple of squashy bags. A similarly-sized space is available in the front too, meaning that the total storage volume is comparable to the average supermini – albeit in a much less practical shape.

Boot space
Front 150 litres
Rear 130 litres

Porsche Boxster turning circle and fuel tank capacity

Combined with the modest exterior dimensions, the Boxster’s turning circle helps it feel as simple and as manoeuvrable to drive around town as a Ford Focus – which is capable of an identical 11-metre U-turn.

With a claimed fuel consumption figure of 34.4mpg for the 2.7 model (impressive for a car capable of reaching 62mph from rest in 5.8 seconds) the Boxster has an impressive touring range when the 64-litre tank is brimmed.

Turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 11 metres
Fuel tank 64 litres (Spyder 54 litres)

Porsche Boxster weight

Due to only minor differences in engine size and equipment levels, there’s very little weight variation throughout the Boxster range. The PDK dual-clutch automatic gearbox adds about 20kg to the overall weight, while the ultra-rare Spyder model features a simpler roof mechanism and less standard equipment which helps it to be the lightest model in the lineup.

Lightest Heaviest
1,315kg (Spyder) 1,375kg (3.4 GTS PDK)

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For all the most important details, read our detailed Porsche Boxster review. Our wowscore aggregates the opinions of the UK motoring press in order to give you an impartial take on what the Boxster is like to drive, run and own!

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