Governance Commitments


OUR BUSINESS: Our accountability, transparency and ethics

Sound business governance starts with leadership. The main accountability for our ESG transition lies with the Board of Directors (the “Board”). We recognise that our activities, and the way in which we carry them out, impact well beyond our financial performance.  With this in mind, and to assist in the exercise of its responsibilities, the Board delegates certain roles and responsibilities to the ESG Impact Committee (the “ESGIC”). 

This Committee sits alongside our Audit Committee and its responsibilities include:

  • Reporting to the Board at least twice per year, communicating their findings and recommendations in relation to ESG governance 
  • Ensuring the Board understands and acts on matters related to how the company’s vision, strategy, and day-to-day operations can contribute to our ESG transition, and the company’s exposure to ESG risks – their likelihood and impact in the short, medium, and long term  
  • Creating the company’s ESG Impact Strategy, monitoring progress and results, and ensuring this policy is adopted in all our offices
  • Ensuring the committee has access to sufficient resources in order to carry out its duties, is gender balanced, and includes representation from all levels and office locations  
  • Oversight of the policies and operational controls for environmental and social governance, risks, issues, and opportunities, particularly with regard to greenwashing, ensuring a robust system is in place for identifying, collecting, analysing, and reporting sustainability information, including its impact on financial risk and reporting
  • Providing an annual account to the Board of the ESGIC’s work, how it completed its objectives, what challenges it encountered, and how it addressed them to ensure it is operating at maximum effectiveness, as well as recommending any changes necessary  
  • Monitoring company sustainability reporting and related processes to ensure accuracy and timeliness against relevant reporting standards 
  • Supporting our investors with information and ESG survey requests

In addition, Carwow commits to:

  • Behave ethically and with integrity at all times
  • Comply with all legal and regulatory obligations and, where possible, go beyond mandatory ESG requirements
  • Communicate the mindset needed and set the tone for culture from the top 
  • Ensure the control environment for producing sustainability metrics and targets are as strong as the control system for financial metrics, objectives, and reports
  • Publish an Annual Impact Report
  • Implement comprehensive mitigation processes for adverse social and environmental impacts in our own operations and, over time, expand this to include our value chains, ensuring all stakeholders are engaged   
  • Support the Audit Committee in the measurement of ESG risks related to assets and liabilities