New Honda NSX Review

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  • Seriously quick
  • Surprisingly easy to drive
  • Quite comfortable (for a supercar)
  • Some cheap-feeling interior trim
  • Woeful infotainment system
  • That Honda badge
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CO2 emissions
228 g/km
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The Honda NSX is a futuristic hybrid supercar that takes inspiration from the legendary 1990’s original, but can’t quite match the raw thrills provided by many petrol alternatives

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The Honda NSX is a seriously fast sports car with a high-tech hybrid petrol-electric engine that means it can drive in silent electric power alone. It doesn’t have the same badge kudos as the likes of an Audi R8 or a Porsche 911, but it more -than makes up for that with its impressive turn of speed and space-age looks.

Unfortunately, the Honda NSX’s interior isn’t quite as eye-catching as its look-at-me exterior. Sure, you get plenty of leather on the dashboard and some aluminium trims dotted about the place, but the central infotainment screen looks like it’s been pinched from a Civic – and not even the current model.

Thankfully, the leather seats feel plush and supportive which helps make long journeys as relaxing as if you were driving a comfortable family saloon. Even visibility’s pretty good, so squeezing through gaps in the traffic won’t result in any heart palpitations like it can in some supercars.

On top of the easy drive, you get a boot that’s practical for a supercar, the NSX is one of the few of its type with a boot big enough to carry a set of golf clubs. Sadly, there isn’t enough space for a large suitcase, so you’ll have to settle for a soft bag that’ll crease your shirts.

If you’re planning on driving the NSX for long distances, you’ll be pleased to hear its suspension does an excellent job of ironing out bumps and potholes – in Quiet mode, at least. Stick it in Sport, Sport+ or Track mode, however, and things become much firmer, faster and louder.

With all the knobs and dials turned up to 11, the Honda NSX transforms from a surprisingly relaxing cruiser to a seriously speedy sports car. Blasting from 0-62mph takes less than three seconds and the instant response you get from its three electric motors helps it slingshot out of a tight corner faster than a cheetah with a rocket up its bottom.

If you think Hondas are designed exclusively for pensioners, then the NSX will make you think again

Mat Watson
carwow expert

When the muscles in your face are tired of grinning and you just want to get home, the Honda NSX settles into a quiet, comfortable cruise, and even returns 26mpg – very close to Honda’s claimed 28mpg figure.

It’s this that makes the NSX such a compelling sports car – it can do everything the Audi and Porsche can, but makes light work of the day-to-day stuff that leaves some conventional supercars completely stumped. If you can look past the Honda badge and the slightly disappointing soundtrack, the NSX deserves a place very near the top of your supercar wishlist.

You can read more in-depth info on the Honda NSX in the interior, practicality, driving and specifications sections of our review over the following pages.

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