New BMW 4 Series and M4 spotted: what we know so far

October 03, 2023 by

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The BMW 4 Series is due for a facelift, and it’s been spotted testing in both coupe and convertible forms. The sporty M4 has also been caught by carwow’s spy photographers. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New BMW 4 Series spotted
  • Minor styling changes expected
  • Interior likely to stay the same
  • New BMW M4 also spotted
  • No engine changes expected
  • Reveal expected in the summer next year

The BMW 4 Series is getting a minor mid-life update, and the svelte coupe has been spotted testing in both two-door and Gran Coupe forms. The sporty M4 is also getting a refresh, and it’s been spotted as well.

This alternative to the Audi A5 and Mercedes CLE will get updated styling, and new interior tech could be on the cards as well. Expect the range of engines remain the same.

New BMW 4 Series design

Given that this is just a facelift for the BMW 4 Series, don’t expect to see any major styling changes. You can see through the minimal camouflage that those massive buck-teeth aren’t going anywhere.

There are some revised headlights poking out of the wrap. They have the same shape as the current car’s, however you can just about make out a new LED signature which more closely resembles that of the new BMW 5 Series. This is the warmed-up M440i version, something which is given away by the M door mirrors and more aggressive-looking bumpers.

There aren’t many changes to report down the side. The 4 Series Convertible was also spotted on the same day, and it still uses a folding fabric top. The alloy wheels fitted to this car are the same as you can get on the current 4 Series, however new alloy wheel designs could be available.

Pictured above is the new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. The four-door version gets similar styling changes to the two-door. You still get twin circular tailpipes on this version, and the taillights look similar to those found on the BMW M4 CSL.

This M440i coupe has the M exhaust with large twin tailpipes, but the rest of the rear end is pretty well-covered for now. Expect to see a redesigned rear bumper when the wrap comes off.

What will change inside the new BMW 4 Series?

The interior of the new BMW 4 Series was recently updated to include the huge curved display from the updated BMW 3 Series and BMW iX, so don’t expect to see any major changes on the inside.

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The current 4 Series range starts with the M Sport, meaning you get sports seats and a chunky steering wheel as standard. This facelift may introduce some new trim options, and the iDrive infotainment software may be updated as well to add some more features.

New BMW M4 also spotted

As well as the standard 4 Series, the hot BMW M4 is also getting an update to keep it fresh in the face of the Audi RS5. Styling changes look similar to the ones found on the normal one, with some updated headlights and larger air intakes in the front bumper.

The rear bumper looks pretty similar to the current car’s with the quad exhaust pipes still visible within the aggressive-looking diffuser. You can expect to see some updated tail lights as well.

Power-wise, don’t expect any hybridisation for this new M4. It’s likely to retain the 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged straight-six engine of the current car.

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As it stands, the M4 Competition we get in the UK has 510hp and 650Nm of torque. This updated version could get more power though, getting closer to the 550hp you find in the BMW M3 CS.

When will the new BMW 4 Series and M4 go on sale?

You can expect to see the updated BMW 4 Series and M4 revealed in the summer 2024, with sales starting by the end of next year.

As for pricing, while nothing is confirmed just yet it’s likely that this new version will fetch a small premium over the current car. Expect the new 4 Series to start from around £45,000, with the M4 costing approximately £85,000.

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