New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years: better than an M3 Touring?

May 28, 2024 by

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This is the new Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years, a 25th birthday present to the brand’s iconic fast wagon. 

  • New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years revealed
  • Limited-edition model celebrates 25 years of the RS4
  • More powerful than the standard car
  • Quicker to 60mph than an M3 Touring
  • Suspension and chassis upgrades
  • Just 50 to come to the UK

The Audi RS4 Avant has just turned 25 years old, and to celebrate this milestone the brand has launched this – the RS4 Avant 25 Years.

It’s a faster, more powerful and more track-focussed version of the BMW M3 alternative, and just 50 of them will make it onto UK roads. This will also be the last hurrah for the RS4 before it gets replaced by the new Audi RS5 Avant next year.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years engine and performance

One of the main changes to the Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years comes under the bonnet. It still has the same 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine as the standard car, however it’s been turned up to 11.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years front quarter driving

It puts out 470hp, 20hp more than the normal RS4, and torque remains the same at 600Nm. This extra oomph adds up to 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds, 0.4 of a second quicker than the standard car, and a top speed of 186mph.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years rear driving

So how does this compare to the Audi’s deadliest rival, the BMW M3 Touring? Well that car has 510hp and 650Nm of torque, so it must be quicker, right? Well it actually does 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds, so it only takes the win by a tiny margin.

New Audi RS4 Avant suspension and chassis

So the RS4 Avant 25 Years is quicker in a straight line than the standard car, and some chassis tweaks mean it’ll also be faster through the corners as well.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years front driving

It has manually-adjustable coilover suspension, something which is usually reserved for race cars. It’s 10mm lower than the normal RS4 out of the box, and the springs can be lowered a further 10mm if you’re hitting up the track at the weekend.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years back driving

You also get a quattro sport differential which sends more power to the rear wheels, helping make the car feel more engaging to drive, and the gearbox has been tuned for faster shift times. Stiffer front control arms and tweaked suspension geometry complete the upgrades.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years design

In terms of design, the Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years gets some subtle upgrades, and one not-so-subtle change.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years front static

Things which will only stand out to eagle-eyed Audi fans include the black trim around the windows, tweaked rear lights with more black trim and the removal of the roof rails. The RS4 logo also now has a yellow inlay instead of a red one.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years rear static

Speaking of yellow, that’s the less subtle design change. This limited-edition RS4 is available in Audi’s iconic Imola Yellow, a hue we first saw on the B5 RS4 from 1999. You certainly won’t lose it in a car park, although it may prove attractive to bees.

New Audi RS4 Avant 25 Years price and release date

This special-edition RS4 Avant is available now, however you’ll have to be quick if you want one of these wagons for your collection because just 50 of them will make it to the UK.

This exclusivity comes with a hefty price tag as well, starting from £115,880. If you want it in Imola Yellow, you’ll have to part with £119,180, over £46,000 more than the standard RS4.

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