2012 Dakar Rally - Winners Announced

Dakar 2012

The infamous Dakar Rally has just ended, and a lot's been happening during the gruelling race.

The Dakar Rally crosses South America and competitors face inhospitable deserts and vast mountain ranges. The 9,000km route goes from Argentina, up across the Andes and over to Chile and Peru, finally finishing in Lima. Its one of the toughest motor races there is, and a range of vehicles attempt it, including bikes, cars and trucks.
Dakar truck
The winner of the 2012 rally, Cyril Despres, a Red Bull rider, said that it has been Without a shadow of a doubt the toughest Dakar Ive ever raced in. Its the fourth victory that Despres has won, having won previously in 2005, 2007 and 2010.
Coma was set to win the rally, but on the penultimate stage he broke his bikes gearbox after landing awkwardly on a jump. An unfortunate incident as he was only a few kilometres away from winning.
Dakar 2012 car
In 2nd place came his close rival, Coma, another Red Bull driver, with Rodrigues in 3rd.
To find out more about the rally and its contestants, head over to the official Dakar Rally 2012 site, where theyve got updates from the drivers, interviews and blogs from some of the contestants.
Dakar 2012 bike

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