New Mercedes Hyperscreen MBUX infotainment system revealed

January 07, 2021 by

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Mercedes looks set to move the infotainment game on in leaps and bounds with its new MBUX ‘Hyperscreen’ system. This will be fitted to upcoming EQ electric models, including the EQS. 

  • New Mercedes Hyperscreen revealed
  • Triple-screen design
  • Seamless dashboard integration
  • OLED lighting technology
  • Advanced AI software
  • Will feature in future EQ models

The Mercedes Hyperscreen is the latest version of the firm’s MBUX infotainment system. It comes with three huge screens set into a gorgeous one-piece glass fascia and comes packed with advanced tech. It’ll come fitted to upcoming electric cars in the brand’s new electric EQ range.

The three individual screens set within a glossy black trim piece make the new system look like someone’s pinched your car’s dashboard and kindly replaced it with an IMAX cinema screen. At its widest, the single-piece glass surface is 141cm from edge-to-edge. And you thought the 43cm screen in a Tesla was huge…

Fewer menu screens should make the screen easier to use when you’re driving. 

The electronic brain that runs this system is also capable of learning what features you use most often and will prompt you with on-screen messages while you’re driving. For example, it can remember if you call the same person on your way home from work and tee-up their contact details as soon as you get in the car.

This decorative pattern is only visible when the front passenger seat is empty. 

Unlike any previous Mercedes infotainment system, the Hyperscreen also features a touchscreen for the front-seat passenger with seven customisable profiles. The car can tell if there’s no-one sitting in the front and uses the screen to display decorative (but hopefully not distracting) patterns on the dashboard, instead.

Naturally, analogue dials have made way for a digital driver’s display. 

Both the central touchscreen-area and the passenger display feature OLED lighting technology to make them brighter than ever and clearly visible – even if you’re looking at them from an angle. And, there’s a built-in light sensor to automatically reduce the screen brightness at night so as not to distract you while you’re driving.

The new EQS (shown above) will be one of the first cars to use the new Hyperscreen.

As you’d expect in any modern premium car, there’ll be plenty of ambient lighting for that cocktail-bar-on-wheels feeling. In the case of the EQS, this is mounted under the base of the Hyperscreen to make it look as though it’s floating above the centre console.

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