New Mercedes EQS: Price, specs and release date

Matt Rigby
March 17, 2020

Here’s the latest batch of spy pics for the Mercedes EQS – Merc’s new electric S-Class, no less. Here’s all you need to know on the car’s price, specs and release date.

  • Mercedes EQS spotted testing
  • Inspired by Vision EQS concept
  • 435-mile electric range
  • 469hp electric motors
  • Access to IONITY public chargers
  • Built in a CO2-neutral factory
  • High-tech holographic headlights
  • Expected to cost from £80,000
  • Should go on sale in 2021

Mercedes EQS design

These are the latest pics of the Mercedes EQS, better known as Mercedes’ new electric S-Class, a car that Merc reckons will be able to travel more than 435 miles on a charge. What’s perhaps more impressive is how stylish this car manages to look despite being layered down with camouflage.

There’s a lot going on under these headlight lenses, suggesting this prototype is fitted with the holographic lenses first seen on the EQS show car.

Piercing headlights hint that’s there’s something high-tech going on under those plastic lenses. Something like… the headlights fitted to the EQS on display at the Frankfurt motor show earlier in 2019, which boasted four holographic lenses and 500 individual LEDs apiece. These allow the Mercedes‘ headlights to perform 3D light shows, giving the Audi e-tron Sportback’s shape-projecting LEDs something to think about. 

There’s more than a hint of Tesla Model S to the EQS’ sporty four-door frame.

That’s just the beginning of the light show because you can expect LEDs to feature on the grille, around the badge and to sweep around the waste of the car. Thankfully, taught curves and a swooping coupe-style roof mean the EQS should look good in the daytime, too.

You’ll get a mesmerising light show every time you lock and unlock the Mercedes.

The lights have their uses though, they’ll be used to warn other road users when you’re turning and braking – most prominently the 229 separate LEDs shaped into a rear light bar. Though you’d never have guessed it from the dummy lights fitted to this prototype.

The finished car may be available with the concept’s two-tone paint. 

Mercedes EQS EV interior and infotainment

The EQS interior’s flowing lines, white finishes and maple trims are inspired by yachts – and of it is made out of recycled ocean waste and recycled bottles. The ambient lighting is supposed to communicate with your primal subconscious. So, if the interior is warm, the car will radiate red light. Turn the air-con down low and it’ll sparkle an icy blue.

The massive central infotainment screen is similar to the one in the Tesla Model S. But Mercedes has gone further and given each occupant their own infotainment screen integrated into the door armrests. You don’t get those in a Tesla.

You can expect the Vision EQS concept’s classy interior to be toned-down a little for production.

Mercedes EQS EV specs

The Mercedes EQS’ two electric motors pump out 469hp, enough to hit 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. The only downside is the sound. Or the lack of it, because the EQS swaps V8 thunder for the sound of silence. A motor on each axle and a central battery gives the EQS excellent balance, plus it makes it four-wheel drive. And those motors are connected directly to the axle, so it can divvy out power quicker. The EQS is a bit like lego: its basic components can be used to build loads of different cars. So while the EQS is a saloon, the same platform could easily underpin a sports car, cabriolet or SUV. 

Rather than two large brake lights, the EQS concept came with hundreds of individual pin-prick lights. 

With the EQS you’ll get access to the IONITY network. This is a joint venture between BMW, Mercedes, Ford and VW Group. 100 of the 400 planned charging parks in Europe are already working. When it goes into production, the EQS will be built in a brand-new factory that’s powered entirely by renewable energy and has been designed to be CO2-neutral from the start. Read on for all the background to the Mercedes EQS…

A recent spy pic of the new EQS, snapped during testing

Mercedes EQS EV driving

What the new platform and direct electric also means is that there’s no need for complicated transmission components that get in the way of interior space in conventional cars (and in its EQC SUV sibling, as that car is still based on a conventional internal combustion-engined car, the GLC SUV).

The EQS will also get the latest in autonomous driving technology – it will steer, accelerate and brake for you in order to keep you in your lane (and stop you driving into other cars) on motorways and dual carriageways.

Mercedes EQS EV price and release date

You can expect to hear more from the Mercedes EQS in 2020 in the form of closer-to-production-ready show cars, with the finished article in showrooms by 2021 carrying a starting price of around £80,000.

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