New Mercedes EQS: price, specs and release date

Padraig Mallett
September 08, 2020

The upcoming Mercedes EQS electric car will be one of the most exciting additions to the brand’s range. Read on to discover everything we know about the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan alternative.

  • Mercedes EQS spotted testing
  • Inspired by Vision EQS concept
  • 435-mile electric range
  • 469hp electric motors
  • Access to IONITY public chargers
  • Built in a CO2-neutral factory
  • High-tech holographic headlights
  • Expected to cost from £80,000
  • Should go on sale in 2021

These latest images of prototypes being tested further confirm that the new Mercedes EQS will draw inspiration from the recent Vision EQS concept.

The new EQS has a more streamlined design than the latest Mercedes S-Class.

New Mercedes EQS design

The new Mercedes EQS’ design is heavily inspired by the Vision EQS concept that was revealed in 2019. Although the prototype is hidden under a camo-style-livery, we can see a familiar long, low-slung roofline combined with sills that sit very close to the ground, giving the four-door saloon the look of a sporty coupe.

The finished car may not feature the Vision EQS Concept’s illuminated grille. 

The panoramic roof runs the length of the car and this emphasises the sleek lines and luxurious character of the saloon. At the front, the EQS has a large black-panel grille that’s partially visible, so it’s not yet clear if the exciting ‘light belt’ that featured on the EQS concept car has made it to the production vehicle.

This is the first prototype to show what the production car’s brake lights could look like. 

Complementing the grille is a pair of holographic-lens headlamps. At the rear, the tail-lights are now smoothly integrated into the body shape, unlike previous spy shots, and even though the rear is fairly well hidden, it looks like the rear light bar will run from one side of the car to the other.

The Vision EQS’ interior, above, will inspire the finished EQS’ cabin.

New Mercedes EQS interior and infotainment

Mercedes say the interior design will take inspiration from the world of luxury yachts. Ambient lighting and the large panoramic roof will give a spacious and relaxing feel in the cabin and because there is no combustion engine at the front there’s the opportunity to get creative with the interior space. Expect maximum comfort and no end to the personalisation options on offer – just like in a Mercedes S-Class.

The new EQS will probably use the same infotainment system as the new S-Class, shown above. 

The EQS will feature a new version of the MBUX infotainment system. You can expect large touchscreens and a lot of tech, similar to that shown in the brand-new Mercedes S-Class, to help the new car rival the likes of the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan.

Dual motors and an underfloor battery pack will help the EQS do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.

New Mercedes EQS battery and performance specs

The Mercedes EQS will offer performance to match its sporty looks. The four-wheel-drive electric car will come equipped with two electric motors producing a combined 469hp that’ll launch the car from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Mercedes says you’ll be able to recharge the EQS’ battery from emtpy to 80% in significantly less than 20 minutes and you’ll be able to drive for around 435 miles on a single charge. That’s according to the latest (and stricter) WLTP testing procedures.

EQS owners will get access to the IONITY charging network – a joint venture between BMW, Mercedes, Ford and VW Group. One hundred of the 400 planned charging points in Europe are already working. When the car goes into production, the EQS will be built in a brand-new factory that’s powered entirely by renewable energy and has been designed to be CO2-neutral from the start.

The Vision EQS Concept featured advanced driver-assistance tech that should filter down to the EQS.

New Mercedes EQS driving

The EQS will also get the latest in autonomous driving tech – it will steer, accelerate and brake for you in order to keep you in your lane (and stop you driving into other cars) on motorways and dual carriageways.

You can expect it to be supremely comfortable and quiet to travel in, and the centrally located battery will help reduce body lean in corners and help make the car stable at speed. It’s possible the new EQS will come with the same clever rear-wheel steering that Mercedes has recently fitted to the all-new S-Class to help make it more manoeuvrable in town.

Expect the Vision EQS-inspired EQS to go on sale in 2021. 

New Mercedes EQS price and release date

The official release date and pricing for the Mercedes EQS is still to be revealed but you can expect it to be in showrooms in the latter half of 2021 and cost from at least £80,000 – that’s around the same price as the all-new S-Class. 

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