New Mercedes EQS: Price, specs and release date

Matt Rigby
September 10, 2019

This is the Mercedes EQS – the S-Class for fat cats looking to go green – and here is everything you need to know about it.

  • Specs include

    300-mile-plus range

  • Price

    est. £80,000

  • Release date


The Mercedes Vision EQS concept car has been unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show. Here’s what you need to know…

Mercedes EQS price and release date

The Mercedes EQS is an upmarket electric car which has been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow and is expected to go on sale in the next year or so. The Mercedes EQS price is expected to be at least £80,000 – about the same as a Tesla Model S.

Mercedes EQS interior and styling

While the Mercedes EQS is definitely a Mercedes saloon, it doesn’t look anything like what’s come before. You get a light-up grille, a light-up badge, light-up strips down the sides of the car and, you guessed it, a light bar at the back. But is it illuminating enough to make you choose one over a Tesla Model S? Click on the pop-out banner at the top of your screen to decide. The EQS interior’s flowing lines, white finishes and maple trims are inspired by yachts – and of it is made out of recycled ocean waste and recycled bottles. The ambient lighting is supposed to communicate with your primal subconscious. So, if the interior is warm, the car will radiate red light. Turn the air-con down low and it’ll sparkle an icy blue.

Mercedes Vision EQS side profile

Mercedes EQS infotainment

The massive central infotainment screen is similar to the one in the Tesla Model S. But Merc has gone further and given each occupant their own infotainment screen integrated into the door armrests. You don’t get those in a Tesla.

Mercedes EQS specs

The two electric motors pump out 469hp, enough to hit 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. The only downside is the sound. Or the lack of it, because the EQS swaps V8 thunder for the sound of silence. A motor on each axle and a central battery gives the EQS excellent balance, plus it makes it four-wheel drive. And those motors are connected directly to the axle, so it can divvy out power quicker. The EQS is a bit like lego: its basic components can be used to build loads of different cars. So while the EQS is saloon, the same platform could easily underpin a sports car, cabriolet or SUV. With the EQS you’ll get access to the IONITY network. This is a joint venture between BMW, Mercedes, Ford and VW Group. 100 of the 400 planned charging parks in Europe are already working. When it goes into production, the EQS will be built in a brand-new factory that’s powered entirely by renewable energy and has been designed to be CO2-neutral from the start. Read on for all the background to the Mercedes EQS…

Mercedes Vision EQS rear

What is the Mercedes EQS?

Mercedes is set to launch the EQS all-electric luxury car in 2021. It will sit alongside the S-Class luxury saloon (although it actually uses a different platform) as an alternative to the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, forthcoming Audi e-tron GT, and the planned all-electric Jaguar XJ. Mercedes promised in 2018 that they will release 10 all-new, all-electric models by the end of 2022. So the EQS electric car will sit alongside the EQC SUV, a C-Class-based saloon and a smaller car called the EQA, among others. The new EQS might sit alongside the more conventional S-Class when it launches, but it will actually be the first Mercedes based on an all-new platform that Mercedes calls ‘MEA’. This is because electric saloon cars need an extra-long wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear wheels) to accommodate all the batteries. These need to be placed under the floor of the passenger compartment and as close to the centre of the car as possible, so as to make the car as good to drive as possible. 

A recent spy pic of the new EQS, snapped during testing

What the new platform and direct electric also means is that there’s no need for complicated transmission components that get in the way of interior space in conventional cars (and in its EQC SUV sibling, as that car is still based on a conventional internal combustion-engined car, the GLC SUV).

Mercedes EQS performance and range

With its bigger battery and more aerodynamically efficient body shape than the big EQC, the EQS luxury electric car will outdo its all-electric SUV relative in terms of range and performance. This is no small feat, since the EQC has a 400hp output and can shoot from 0-60mph in just 5.1 seconds. It can also travel up to 250 miles on a single charge. As such, expect the EQS to have some seriously impressive numbers to back it up. In fact, it should manage a range in excess of 300 miles between charges and could perform the 0-60mph sprint in less than 5.0 seconds.

Mercedes EQS styling

We’ve taken away the camouflage wrapping from the disguised spy pics of the new Mercedes EV to create this exclusive carwow render of the 2021 EQS. 

In this, you can clearly see the fastback-style five-door coupe body, which adds boot space and ease of access to the large luxury car mix. It also creates a more rounded rear end, while still maintaining a classy cabin that can easily accommodate four adults. That long wheelbase should mean plenty of luxurious legroom, too. Smaller details, such as the shape of the windscreen and the silver trim around the EQS’s side windows, are more clues to the car’s S-Class connections.

At the front, the EQS has a lot in common with the Mercedes EQC, the brand’s new, all-electric SUV. This is most evident in the loosely triangular headlights, connected by a black sliver that underscores a central, rounded ‘grille’ (although this is more a styling affectation than anything, as electric motors don’t need to use conventional radiators for cooling). At both the front and back, the lights will be LEDs. And don’t worry: the incongruous-looking rear lights in these spy shots are not likely to be anything other than temporary designs.

Another styling touch that’s likely to be shared with the next-generation S-Class is sleek pop-out door handles, which fit flush against the bodywork when not being used. Not only does this look good; there’s also an efficiency benefit, as it will make the EQS’s bodywork more aerodynamically efficient.

What else do the Mercedes EQS spy pictures tell us?

The world’s first real glimpse of the EQS came when spy photographers were able to snap a camouflaged version of the car while it was being tested. Sure, the EQS spotted was coated from boot to bonnet in black-and-white wrapping, but the photos still revealed a number of interesting giveaways. Not only were the EQS’s hatchback boot and five-door coupe body clear, but so too were rough estimations of its dimensions. The car is noticeably longer than the EQC SUV, making room for a bigger set of lithium-ion batteries. In turn, this means you can expect some truly impressive power output and range capability from the EQS.

Mercedes EQS interior and infotainment

What we can’t really say yet is what the interior of the new car will look like, as all the spy pics so far show an interior that’s been heavily disguised with black fabric material. Having said that, the long wheelbase promises to deliver an extremely generous amount of interior space. What’s more, the electric motor and battery combination means there’ll be a completely flat interior floor, free from the humps and intrusions you get in cars with conventional engines and petrol or diesel power.

In terms of infotainment, you can also expect Mercedes to bring its ‘A’ game, so you should get a futuristic interior style, with generous twin infotainment screens as found on the A-Class and new GLE SUV. It’s also thought that the EQC will get a high-tech head-up display that integrates augmented reality sat-nav directions by projecting them directly onto the car’s windscreen. This will be in addition to the augmented-reality sat-nav display on the infotainment screen already seen on the A-Class.

The EQS will get the same infotainment set-up as the Mercedes A-Class, pictured here

The EQC will also get the latest in autonomous driving technology – it will steer, accelerate and brake for you in order to keep you in your lane (and stop you driving into other cars) on motorways and dual carriageways.

Keep your eye on the carwow news page for all the latest updates on the Mercedes EQS and hundreds of other models.