New Lucid Gravity SUV revealed: everything we know so far

November 15, 2022 by

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This is the Lucid Gravity. It’s a brand-new seven-seater which Lucid claim will have a greater electric range than any other electric SUV. Read on for everything you need to know so far…

  • Lucid Gravity revealed
  • Three-row, seven-seat SUV
  • Tesla Model X alternative
  • Similar design to Lucid Air saloon
  • More range than ‘any other EV’
  • Reservations open in early 2023

Lucid has revealed the new Gravity SUV. It’s the brand’s second electric car and an SUV alternative to the existing Lucid Air saloon.

This means it’s a direct alternative to cars such as the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQS SUV.

New Lucid Gravity design

Lucid hasn’t revealed many photos of the new Gravity, but it’s clear this new SUV will look like a jacked-up version of the company’s Air saloon.

It’ll have a similar minimalist character to the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQS without any fussy lines, unnecessary trim or fake grilles.

New Lucid Gravity interior

Interior shots of this new SUV are equally hard to come by, but one official image shows the two rows of rear seats. Those in the middle row are reclined almost flat, much like in the back of a BMW i7.

Unlike that car, which is a four- or five-seat saloon, the Lucid Gravity will have seating for seven – just like the Tesla Model X and Mercedes EQS.

New Lucid Gravity range

One of the most interesting points Lucid revealed concerning the Gravity SUV is to do with its range. This new car is said to have ‘more range than any other EV (except for those from Lucid)’.

This means the American firm is targeting the 520 miles of range you get from a Mercedes EQS. For reference, that’s comfortably more than the 365-mile range you get in a Mercedes EQS SUV.

Watch Mat’s review on that car below to get an idea of what this new Lucid has to beat…

How much will the new Lucid Gravity cost?

You’ll be able to reserve a Lucid Gravity in the U.S. in early 2023. The first deliveries are expected in 2024. Lucid hasn’t confirmed how much it’ll cost yet, but you can bet it’ll set you back more than a comparable Air saloon.

The cheapest versions of that electric car currently cost from around £75,000.

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