New Maybach EQS SUV revealed: everything you need to know

April 17, 2023 by

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This is the new Maybach EQS SUV, and it’s the first ever electric car from Mercedes’ luxury arm. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Maybach EQS SUV revealed
  • Maybach’s first ever EV
  • Exclusive styling details
  • New interior technology
  • More luxurious materials
  • Faster than the standard EQS SUV
  • Could cost over £200,000

The new Maybach EQS SUV is here, and if you thought the standard Mercedes EQS was luxurious then you’re in for a treat.

It’s also the first ever EV from Maybach, and the EQS SUV gets plenty of styling details to separate it from the standard car.

New Maybach EQS SUV design

Chrome if the order of the day for the new Maybach EQS SUV, and lots of it. For starters, that huge grille has some 3D-effect chrome slats running down it, along with a shiny trim strip with the Maybach branding subtly integrated.

Less subtle are the tiny Maybach logos all over the blanked-off side vents. A chrome splitter completes the look at the front. Down the side you have yet more shiny stuff, including 22-inch mirror-polished alloy wheels and illuminated side skirts.

You also have chrome trim around the windows and on the pillars between the front and rear doors, just like on the Maybach GLS. This makes the car look longer than it is, making passers-by jealous of all your rear legroom.

There’s another Maybach logo on the rear pillar as well, as well as yet more chrome on the lower bumper. You can also get hand-painted pinstripes in five different colours, because why not?

New Maybach EQS SUV interior

The basic design of the Maybach EQS SUV is pretty similar to the standard Mercedes EQS SUV. You get the same steering wheel, with a Maybach logo, and you have the same Hyperscreen infotainment system as well.

You do get some new display screens which are exclusive to the Maybach, including a ‘Discreet’ setting which hides as many menus and icons as possible. The Hyperscreen will also change colour to match the mood lighting.

Other details include some fancy new stainless-steel pedals, embroidered headrests with more Maybach logos and the doors project an emblem onto the floor as you get in.

Maybach has also made a big song and dance about its ‘vegetable tanned leather’. Thankfully the seats aren’t made of old sprouts, it actually means that they’re treated with natural substances.

For example, Maybach uses plant-based oils and old coffee bean shells to dye the leather. You aren’t limited to an espresso-coloured cabin though, it’s available in brown, white, beige, grey and bronze.

New Maybach EQS rear seats

Those who buy a Maybach usually prefer to be chauffeured around, so the EQS SUV has been fitted with some uber-posh rear seats.

The standard rear seats are ventilated and massaging, which is pretty standard, but it’s the First Class upgrade where things really get interesting.

See how the new EQS SUV compares to the Maybach GLS…

Go for this option and you get two separate lounge chairs with a huge centre console dividing the rear passengers. This has a few gadgets built in, including fast-charging for your phone and HDMI ports to link up to the two 12-inch touchscreens mounted to the front seats.

These can link up to the Hyperscreen infotainment system in the front, allowing you to set the climate and sat nav destination without having to talk to your chauffeur.

You also have a fridge in between the seats for you champagne, complete with insulated cup holders and silver-plated goblets. Because no Maybach owner should have to drink from a mere glass.

New Maybach EQS SUV motors and batteries

The new Maybach EQS SUV comes with more powerful motors than the top-spec Mercedes EQS SUV 580. It has two electric motors producing a combined 658hp and 950Nm of torque. That’s 114hp and 92Nm more than the standard car.

See what Mat makes of the Mercedes EQS SUV in the video below…

It’s also more powerful than the 600hp Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge, as well as the 635hp Bentley Bentayga Speed. The Maybach will also do 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds, which is slightly quicker than both the Rolls Royce Cullinan and the Maybach GLS.

As for range, Maybach hasn’t quoted an exact figure yet but it says the EQS SUV should be able to do 373 miles on a full charge. That’s around eight miles less than the Mercedes EQS SUV 580.

How much will the new Maybach EQS SUV cost?

No pricing information has been revealed for the new Maybach EQS SUV yet, however you can get a good idea of how much it’ll cost by looking at other Maybach models.

The Maybach S-Class and GLS are around double the price of their Mercedes-badged equivalents. So, if a new Mercedes EQS SUV costs around £130,000, you can expect the new Maybach EQS SUV to wear a price tag north of £200,000.
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