New Kia EV4: futuristic all-electric saloon revealed

October 12, 2023 by

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Kia is rolling out a few new EV concepts, and the EV4 is aimed at cars like the Tesla Model 3. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Kia EV4 revealed
  • All-new electric saloon
  • Design inspired by other Kia concepts
  • Sustainable interior materials
  • On sale before 2027
  • May cost from £40,000

This is the new Kia EV4 concept, an all-electric saloon to provide an alternative to the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2.

It’s certainly an interesting-looking car, and there are plenty of clever materials inside to keep its carbon footprint low.

New Kia EV4 design

Kia’s design department were clearly very pleased with the EV9, because every electric concept which has come since shares styling cues with that car.

Admittedly, it would be tricky to make a saloon car look like a massive SUV, so the EV4 does have its own distinct style. Those upright rectangular headlights do look like the EV9, however the rest of the front end has a sleek and pointy look to it. That clamshell bonnet also has something of the EV6 about it.

The EV6 theme continues at the side of the car, albeit only from the B-pillar forward. That sloping bonnet and the angle at which the A-pillar meets the roof is similar to that car, as is the way the roof is angled down towards the back of the car.

The rear light design is pretty interesting. The way they curve into the rear wings help the EV4 stand out, and the neatly integrated spoiler helps add a sporty flair. If you look at the top of the rear window, you also have some curious top-mounted lights which bring the 1970s Citroen DS to mind.

New Kia EV4 interior

There are plenty of sustainable materials used in the Kia EV4’s interior for added eco brownie points. The fabrics found throughout the cabin are made of recycled cotton, and they use natural dyes such as walnut shells and madder roots.

What’s even more radical is the use of hemp in the centre console. Kia says that hemp fibres are highly sustainable and require minimal resources to cultivate, and it’s easy to mould as well.

When can I buy a new Kia EV4?

An exact date hasn’t been announced for the new Kia EV4’s debut, however the brand has promised a raft of new EVs before 2027, so you can expect this saloon to arrive in the next couple of years.

As for price, nothing is official yet but expect a figure of around £40,000. That would put it in line with the Tesla Model 3.

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