New Nissan Hyper Force revealed: could this be the R36 GT-R?

October 25, 2023 by

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This is the Nissan Hyper Force concept, a surprise reveal at the Japan Mobility show which could preview the next GT-R supercar. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Nissan Hyper Force revealed
  • All-electric replacement for the GT-R
  • Bonkers exterior design
  • Promises 1,340hp
  • Clever solid state batteries
  • Crazy interior layout

Nissan has revealed a potential replacement for the GT-R. Called the Hyper Force concept, it’s an all-electric supercar touting some impressive performance figures.

It has a whopping 1,341hp from its electric motors, almost 800hp more than the current GT-R, and it’ll use revolutionary battery technology as well.

New Nissan Hyper Force design

Looking at this concept, you can see why it’s being lauded by the press as a replacement for the R35 GT-R. It has a similar profile to that car, however it’s been given a bonkers makeover.

Aerodynamics is the name of the game here. There are active winglets up front to help channel air over the car and push it into the ground, and that massive air scoop in the lower bumper not only makes it look like some sort of bottom-feeding fish, it too helps manipulate the airflow.

It’s the silhouette of this car which brings the current GT-R to mind, however you don’t have to look too hard to see the array of bold creases and crazy fins. The rear wheel arches are massive, giving the car a muscular appearance, and there are yet more active vents on the front wings. In true concept car style, the doors open upwards for maximum dramatic effect.

That massive wing helps push the back wheels into the tarmac, and there’s a dual-level diffuser that smooths airflow at the rear. The twin tail light design is reminiscent of the GT-R models which came before, although it has a modern LED signature.

New Nissan Hyper Force motors and performance

Nissan hasn’t revealed many details around the powertrain for this new supercar, however it will be all-electric. The brand has also promised a power figure of 1,000kW, which is 1,340hp.

That’s a massive increase over the current GT-R, that car has 550hp from its 3.5-litre V6 engine. Being an electric car though, the Hyper Force is likely to be carrying some extra weight, but not as much as you might expect.

That’s because this concept uses clever solid state batteries. Not only can these be charged faster and provide better range than traditional packs, they are also lighter.

New Nissan Hyper Force interior

Open up the crazy scissor doors and you’re presented with an equally crazy-looking interior. It looks like the set of a sci-fi movie, with plenty of information displays and red writing.

It’ll also change its appearance depending on what driving mode you’re in. You have R mode, which will bathe you in a red glow to emphasise the sportiness, or it’ll light up blue in GT mode for a more relaxed vibe.

Can I buy a new Nissan Hyper Force?

In its current form, sadly not. The Nissan Hyper Force will inspire a new roadgoing supercar in the future though, so keep an eye out for it over the next few years.

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