Top 5 Coolest Car Keys

For those of us without yachts and helipads, car keys are nothing more than tools for gaining access to a vehicle. A matchbox-sized, black plastic fob with three or four buttons that fits neatly into your pocket, but isn’t worth flashing around at dinner parties.

For the automotive elite though, a car key’s functionality extends way beyond its primary purpose. A car key is an extension of the car it opens – so typically, the types of cars flash billionaires normally drive possess key fobs of such mind-blowing extravagance, that it almost seems criminal to conceal them in a jacket pocket. So, here is our Top Five Car Keys. Enjoy…and yearn.


Koenigsegg key
The fifth spot on our list goes to Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg. Their hefty keys are made from sterling silver in the shape of the company’s logo. A rubber button on the back disables and enables the car’s alarm system.


Spyker key
Like their cars, Spyker’s keys are something a bit different. The heavy, engraved, alloy discs have four buttons on one side, and watch glass on the other side, exposing the key’s inner workings.

Bugatti Veyron Topspeed Key

Veyron key
This key isn’t on our list because of how it looks – but because of what it does. Inserting it into a slot behind the driver’s seat lowers the chassis, alters the angle of the rear spoiler and closes the diffuser flaps. Without the key, a Veyron Super Sport will do 220mph. With it, anywhere up to 268mph is possible.

Pagani Huayra

There’s no ambiguity here – flash this key around, and no-one will be left in any doubt as to what it is you drive. Made from the same type of aluminium that Pagani use to make the Huayra’s alloys, its key in a miniature of the car itself. The key splits in half – one side is used to power up the V12, while the other is a USB drive on which the owner can store music.

Aston Martin DBS

Yep, believe it or not, this £12k (excluding taxes. Gulp…) Jaeger LeCoultre watch doubles as a Q-branch worthy key for an Aston Martin DB9 or DBS. Users need only press on the watch glass to lock or unlock their vehicle. Stealthy…
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