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Range Rover Evoque dimensions – UK exterior and interior sizes


We’re not sure anyone ever keeps cars like the Range Rover Evoque in a garage these days, but if you do you’ll need to know whether it’ll fit. At the very least, carwow’s dimensions guide will help you find out whether the Evoque you’re planning to buy is bigger than your existing car or not, and whether it’s easy to park.

Many will buy the Evoque for its style, but as a Land Rover product it’s also expected to perform when the going gets really tough. As such, we’ve included figures like wading depth and towing capacities along with our usual dimension statistics, so you can evaluate the Evoque’s performance in more strenuous scenarios.


Exterior dimensions

Whether you go for the five-door version or the three-door coupe, you will need to pay close attention because there are a number of small differences between the two. Also keep in mind that the coupe’s doors are bigger than the five-door and you will need more room to open them in tight spaces.



Length – 4,355 mm (coupe) 4,365 (five-door)
Height – 1,605 mm (coupe) 1,635 (five-door)
Width (door mirrors folded) – 1,980mm (coupe) 1,985mm (five-door)

Width (including mirrors) – 2,085mm (coupe) 2,090mm (five-door)
Wheelbase – 2,660 mm



Front wheel track – 1,625 mm
Rear wheel track – 1,630 mm
Front axle clearance – 215mm
Front axle clearance – 240mm
Maximum wading depth – 500mm


Interior dimensions

Despite the Evoque’s considerable size, don’t assume it’s overly roomy inside. While the full-size Range Rover is big enough to host a cocktail party in, the Evoque’s sleek styling – whether three or five door – has come at the expense of some interior space. The five-door is a little bigger in every dimension here, and it’s also worth noting that rear passengers will find it a great deal easier to get in the back than they will squeezing past the coupe’s large front pews.



Maximum front headroom (without panoramic roof) – 965mm (coupe) 990mm (five-door)
Maximum front headroom (with panoramic roof) – 995mm (coupe) 1,025mm (five-door)
Rear headroom (without panoramic roof) – 945mm (coupe) 965mm (five-door)
Rear headroom (with panoramic roof) – 970mm (coupe) 1,010mm (five-door)



Boot volume – 550 litres (coupe) 575 litres (dynamic)
Boot volume (rear seats folded) – 1,350 litres (coupe) 1,445 litres (five-door)
Maximum box size (width x height) – 900mm x 620mm (coupe) 900mm x 625mm (five-door)


Turning circle

Independent suspension has long given Land Rover vehicles surprisingly tight turning circles for vehicles of their size, and the Evoque is no exception. For comparison, the 11.3 metre turning circle is little more than you’d expect from cars in the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus class.



Turning circle (kerb-to-kerb) – 11.3m
Turns lock to lock – 2.47



Whereas some of the dimensions differ between the coupe and five-door versions of the Evoque, the engines alone have a bearing on the Evoque’s overall weight. All weights are given here in eD4 diesel, SD4 diesel and Si4 petrol order:



Weight from – 1,595kg / 1,685kg / 1,640kg
Maximum laden weight – 2,350kg / 2,350kg / 2,350kg
Maximum mass on each axle (front) – 1,300kg / 1,300kg / 1,300kg
Maximum mass on each axle (rear) – 1,145kg / 1,145kg / 1,145kg



The Evoque is the Land Rover you’re probably least likely to see towing a boat, horsebox, caravan or trailer, but it’s still a capable machine.

Unbraked trailer – 750kg / 750kg / 750kg
Maximum towing – 1,500kg / 1,800kg / 1,800kg
Maximum coupling point / nose weight – 150kg / 150kg / 150kg
Maximum vehicle and trailer combination /Gross Train Weight – 3,850kg / 4,150kg / 4,150kg

Want to know more about the Evoque?

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