Smart ForTwo and ForFour sizes and dimensions guide

May 23, 2016 by

The Smart ForTwo and ForFour have been designed with city driving in mind. Tiny on the outside but surprisingly roomy on the inside, they’re an ideal choice for anyone for whom parking space is at a premium.

We’ve taken a detailed look at the Smart pair  plus the drop-top Cabrio variant of the ForTwo  to see how they measure up.

Smart ForTwo and ForFour – exterior dimensions

As two of the smallest cars on sale today, it’s hard to think of a space that either the ForTwo and ForFour would struggle to park in. A narrow body makes it easy to squeeze through gaps in the traffic that would be impossible in other vehicles, too.

With so little car around you, it’s incredibly easy to judge the extremities of the car, so everyday driving  particularly parking  is a doddle.

Smart ForTwo exterior dimensions
Length 2,695mm
Width 1,663mm
Height 1,555mm
Wheelbase 1,873mm
Smart ForFour exterior dimensions
Length 3,495mm
Width 1,665mm
Height 1,554mm
Wheelbase 2,492mm

Smart ForTwo and ForFour – interior dimensions

As the name suggests, the ForTwo only caters for two but, with no need for an extra row of seats, there’s plenty of room for the driver and passenger. Very tall occupants may find their head nearing the roof lining, but shoulder and legroom are plentiful.

Taller adults might feel a little cramped in the back of the five-door ForFour, but access into the rear is easy, making it a good choice if you carry more than one passenger regularly.

Smart ForTwo and ForFour – boot space

With no need to cater for rear passengers, it’s the smaller ForTwo which has the larger boot volume. A 260-litre load bay is only a little short of what you’ll find in a Ford Fiesta. That’s not bad, considering there’s an engine sitting beneath the boot floor.

Though the ForFour has a smaller boot with all its seats in place, folding down the back row increases load volume to a useful 975 litres.

Smart ForTwo boot space
Seats up 260 litres
Seats down 350 litres
Smart ForFour boot space
Seats up 185 litres
Seats down 975 litres

Smart ForTwo and ForFour – turning circle and fuel tank capacity

One of the greatest advantages of placing the engine in the back, however, is it allows an unusually tight turning circle. As a result, both the ForTwo and ForFour are among the most manoeuvrable cars on the road. In the case of the smaller smart, its 6.95-metre turning circle is comfortably tighter than even a London Taxi.

Designed primarily to potter about cities, the Smart is equipped with only a small fuel tank  28 litres across most of the range, with the exception of some ForFour models which have a 35-litre tank. Should you match the frugal claims of 68.9mpg, it should still be possible to eke out over 400 miles between fill-ups.

Smart ForTwo/ForFour turning circle and fuel tank
Turning circle 6.95 metres (ForFour 8.65m)
Fuel tank 28 litres (35 litres for some ForFour variants)

Smart ForTwo and ForFour – weight

Predictably for such a small car, the smart pair weigh very little. Even the heftiest ForFour tips the scales at barely over one tonne (a result of the dual clutch automatic gearbox weighing 30kg more than the standard manual), while the lightest Cabrio weighs just 780kg.

Smart ForTwo/ForFour weight
Lightest Heaviest
780kg (ForTwo Cabrio 1.0) 1,025kg (ForFour 0.9 DCT)

Save money on your new Smart

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