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Mitsubishi Outlander and PHEV sizes and dimensions guide

October 16, 2015 by

Mitsubishi’s third-generation Outlander has been one of its biggest hits in recent years, thanks mainly to the economical PHEV variant, which claims to be the first plug-in hybrid SUV. It’s just been facelifted so we’re taking a look at all its key dimensions to see how well it’ll fit into your life, as well as how much of your life you can fit into it!

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Mitsubishi Outlander and PHEV exterior dimensions

The Outlander has always been one of the larger crossovers in its segment and, at just under 4.7m long it’s noticeably longer than the Ford Kuga, Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail. It’s much closer to the Hyundai Santa Fe which measures five-millimetres shorter.

It’s a little narrower than all those models bar the CR-V and a little lower too, so you won’t instinctively duck when going into a tight multi-storey car park. The standard Outlander gets seven-seats but the PHEV can only seat five thanks to its battery pack.

Exterior dimensions
Length 4,695mm
Width including mirrors 2,120mm
Height (Outlander/PHEV)  1,680mm/1,710mm

Mitsubishi Outlander and PHEV interior dimensions

A lot of people buy SUVs because they need a vehicle to comfortably carry their family around. The Mitsubishi interior doesn’t disappoint and is roughly equal to its main rivals in terms of space. The Kuga and CR-V are a little more spacious up front but are smaller in the rear and, of course, lack a third row of seats.

Interior dimensions
Front legroom 1,039mm
Rear legroom (3rd row on non-PHEV Outlander only)  947mm (716mm)
Front headroom  1,031mm
Rear headroom (3rd row on non-PHEV Outlander only)  975mm (907mm)

Mitsubishi Outlander and PHEV boot space

Again, an important aspect in an SUV is the amount of stuff you can cram in the boot. The standard Outlander comes out well here because those above-average dimensions mean there’s plenty of space in standard five-seat configuration and more so than rivals.

Put the middle row of seats down and that advantage disappears – there’s barely more room than the much smaller Nissan Qashqai and, in the PHEV, there’s actually 105 litres less. With all seven seats in place, the boot is barely usable but that’s to be expected in a car like this and you can still fit a few shopping bags or school satchels if needs be.

Boot space
Boot space with 5 seats in place (Outlander/PHEV) 591/463 litres
Boot space with 7 seats in place (Outlander only) 128 litres
Boot space with 2 seats in place (Outlander/PHEV) 1,608/1,480 litres

Mitsubishi Outlander and PHEV fuel tank capacity and turning circle

A fuel tank capacity of 60 litres in the standard Outlander is almost exactly the same as all its rivals – only the Hyundai Santa Fe’s is bigger at 64 litres. With the the Outlander’s 2.2-litre diesel engine returning average fuel consumption of 53.3mpg, this could mean a range of 704 miles on a single tank of fuel.

The PHEV is a different beast – its fuel tank is smaller to compensate for the battery pack, which gives a theoretical electric-only range of 32 miles. When combined with the 2.0-litre petrol engine, the car’s range should be 541 miles. Charging takes between three-and-a-half to five hours to fully charge the battery from empty depending on the type of socket, or an 80 per cent charge can be achieved in just 30 minutes at certain charging points.

Fuel tank capacity and turning circle
Fuel tank capacity (Outlander/PHEV) 60/45 litres
Battery capacity (PHEV only) 12kWh
Turning circle 10.6m

Mitsubishi Outlander and PHEV weight and towing capacity

The standard Outlander is about average in the class in terms of weight – heavier than a Honda CR-V but noticeably lighter than the Hyundai Santa Fe. The hybrid’s heavy batteries add a considerable amount of weight but, again, it’s still lighter than all versions of the Santa Fe which is impressive. You can tow a respectable amount too, although the hybrid powertrain does limit this against rivals.

Weight and towing capacity
Weight (Outlander/PHEV) 1,565-1,610/1,845kg
Braked trailer (Outlander/PHEV) 2,000/1,500kg
Unbraked trailer 750kg
Roof load limit 80kg

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